8 Ways to Make a Small Bedroom to the Next Level

Helloshabby.com -- At some points, having a small bedroom might seem annoying and limiting. A wrong decoration step will make the small bedroom look so crowded and stuffy. But, not putting anything in the small bedroom is also very boring. We feel you. That's why, we bring out 8 ways to make your small bedroom to the next level. These following ideas are sure to inspire you and could bring a new life to your room. 

1. Keep the Layout Simple

There are times when you should be willing not to put a lot of stuff in a small bedroom. Remember, too many items will make the room feel cramped and stuffy. Just a king-size bed and a small dressing table is enough for this small bedroom. If the bed size is quite big and not suitable to be placed in the center of the room, then consider putting the bed side against the adjacent wall. This way, you still have enough space to move around. 

If the layout is quite simple, then you can play with color paint for bedrooms wall. The blush pink paint is cute and matching it with yellow tropical bedsheet make this bedroom look so fresh and adorable at the same time. 

2. Choose a Theme

Put random things in the bedroom won't make your small bedroom to the next level. You need to choose a theme you are interested in. If you are such a pink lover, then you might want to present a soft and romantic feel with the combination of pink furniture and soft furnishing on it. 

3. Consider floor design 

A perfect small bedroom is influenced by the floor design. For a warm and homey atmosphere, you can choose a floor design with wooden base. For instance, this vinyl or parquet floor is very suitable combined with white walls. The floor itself create a cozy and warm ambience. 

4. Play with Patterns 

You don't have to  hesitate to apply patterned furniture in the small bedroom. Patterns add drama and bring energy and contrast into the bedroom. Look at the bedroom in the picture above. The room had many patterns, but the owner keep them balanced by combining it with the white base. So, the bedroom become visually attractive. 

5. Bring in Plenty of Light

Natural light has an important role to play in taking your room to the next level. The light will make your room brighter. So, make sure you have one or more windows in the room, so that the room is always cool and fresh. Add a window curtain that you can close when the sun is too hot. 

6. Consider on floor bed design

On floor bed design can be the best option to arrange a small bedroom. It  will make the room more spacious, because it less additional items on it. On floor mattress will also save more budget, because there is no need to buy a bed frame. If you're worried on floor bed design will make you cold, you can put an additional rug right under the bed. So, it becomes warmer. 

7. Multifunctional Furniture Design

The bottom of your bed is empty? It is better to be transformed into an extra storage area. You can place some practical plastic containers under the mattress, or you can also buy a bed frame equipped with push drawers. The bottom of the bed is perfect for storing shoes or memory items.

8. Make a mezzanine floor

Another next level bedroom ideas is a mezzanine bedroom design. Make a mezzanine floor in your room to add to the function of the room, for example by making the mezzanine floor as a special area for the bed. Although this method is quite difficult, at least you can maximize the small room by creating additional areas. 

A small bedroom doesn't always end badly. Actually, there are so many ways to make the small bedroom comfortable and look magnificent. Just make sure you don't put so many decorations and keep the layout simple, so the small bedroom won't feel crowded and stuffy. 

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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