Unforgettable Cozy House Design with Smart Arrangement

Helloshabby.com --  Having a cozy home is certainly a dream for everyone. There are many home designs scattered online, and you can imitate them in your home. But, we believe the house we will review below can provide new and refreshing ideas for you. The design of this house combines a comfortable Japanese home design with a modern interior that will make the house feel and look comfortable and elegant at the same time. 

Keep reading for the reviews and tips about unforgettable cozy house design with smart arrangement, below. Who knows, by applying it at home, your house will always feel fresh and cozy. 

Creative Visualization for Home Exterior Design

Exterior design is all part of the building that borders the surrounding environment, neighborhood and streetscape. Therefore, it becomes an important aspect to create the atmosphere and identity as you want. 

If you live in crowded environment, you can make the exterior design is more enclosed and private. Around the house, you can build houses fences to create a safe and closed house effect. Choose a fence from a combination of iron and wood plank for more natural feel. By adding some puzzle frame of red brick elements to the fence walls, it can make the exterior look more artistic. 

Consider Your Outdoor Space

Having a large yard is a bless. So, you have to design it in the best way. You can build a Japanese gazebo's style into your garden. This gazebo work as a place for your relaxing time. A gazebo will protect you from the sun or rain exposure with more optimally. Bring your favorite snack into the gazebo is the best way yo enjoy your weekend in your own home.

A Traditional Tea Room for More Soothing Effect

When building a house, it is best to prepare lounges to relieve stress after a long day of work. For example, a special room to enjoy a favorite drink, such as a mini bar or a traditional tearoom.  

If you and your family are tea lovers, we highly recommend you to have a traditional tearoom at home. You can sit back and relax, while enjoying a cup of tea or other favorite drink. Enjoying the fresh air and favorite drinks while sitting back is also proven to relieve stress. 

Simple and Smart Arrangement Living Room Design

The design of the living room can be made simple and minimalist. The use of interior color is dominated by earthy tone colors, such as brown, beige and white for the impression of a clean and spacious space. The wall area is maximized by the installation of hexagonal floating shelves, which makes the wall area more attractive and not empty. Also added warm white chandelier to create a warm atmosphere in this room. The arrangement of sofas and chairs is made on the sides of the room to make the room look proportional.

Maximize Space Under Stairs

Instead of being left a useless dead spot, use the space under the stairs as a TV room. You can arrange it minimally without much decoration. Maximize the area under the stairs by designing a custom rack according that fit in to the size of the bottom of the stairs. That way, each space will be more maximized. 

Have a Convenient Kitchen Space

Although the kitchen space is small and limited, you can arrange well to keep the kitchen comfortable. This kitchen has a galley shape. The kitchen set arrangement is maximized on one side only, so that homeowners can still move freely in this kitchen. The upper cabinet is also made to meet the walls, so that the kitchen storage is more maximized. The kitchen has enough light and air access, so the kitchen looks brighter and airier. 

Don't Overlook the Bedroom Look

The main function of the bedroom is indeed a place to rest. But, the comfort of the bedroom is also supported by its appearance. So, pay attention to the design and look of your bedroom. You can put one or more decorations that beautify the room. For example, a hanging macram√© decoration and paintings of Balinese dancers. Even small decorations will make your room more colorful. 

Make a Contrast in a Bedroom

For convenient bedroom, it is necessary to design a room in the house as beautiful as possible. You can start by using a different bedsheet in pink color around the neutral furniture.  The pink thing act as contrast that refreshing the bedroom view.  

Hopefully those Unforgettable Cozy House Design with Smart Arrangement  is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     : instagram/septi.wul2

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