7 Inspiring Small Garden Pond Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- These ideas that we will provide may be a bit different with usual garden ponds that you imagine. There are no ponds with range of wildlife, such as toads, insect or bird. We would like to preset the ideas of small garden ponds that are easy to apply to modern and minimalist houses, especially if you live in urban area that's quite hard to have a spacious green open space. 

But, don't worry, the small garden ponds ideas that we will provide still look visually appealing and make your outdoor space fun and enjoyable. Here are 7 Inspiring Small Garden Pond Ideas.

Small garden pond with artificial rock relief 


A garden pond will add interest to the landscape, especially if you build a garden ponds with additions features such as waterfalls and artificial rock relief. This small garden pond design is also perfect for those of you who want a calm and beautiful environment inside the house. 

Small garden pond idea with rock border and pebbles


The garden pond that you've created can also be used as a fishpond. It will be more lively and fun. You can build a garden pond with  rock borders. The rock border can be made of cement formed to resemble a large stone. Combine with some white pebbles on the side of the pond to provide a more fresh and natural atmosphere. 

Super mini garden pond idea 


If you live in urban areas, we know that it is quite hard (and expensive) to have a large green open space, let alone the idea to preset a large and fresh garden pond. That's why, having a super minimalist a garden pond as well as a minimalist fishpond can be an interesting alternative.

An empty corner of the garden can be created a water pond with fishes.  The garden wall is decorated with exposed brick models and hart's-tongues ferns. This mini pond is also equipped with a mini waterfall that makes the pond look elegant. Around the pond, you can add white pebbles to add a natural impression in this garden.

Plant and the pond


The small garden ponds give you a fresh and visual aesthetic to the yard. Around the pond you can place variety of plants that is good to be placed in outdoor space. The plants act as pond border as well as clean air providers. Combine the green leaf plants and red leaf plants to create a more colorful garden pond look. 

The garden pond in the side yard 


Have an empty side yard? Make use of it as a place to create a small fresh garden pool. No need for soil, concrete and solid materials can be used as materials to create a garden with a mini garden pond. Liven it up by putting a variety of greenery around the pond. 

Small zen garden with a pond 


The small space can be totally transformed into the zen garden that give a calm and fresh environment. The pond is built made of woodblock material. Its box shape is quite simple and can be made by yourself. In it there water plants such as water lily that is ready to bloom beautifully when the time comes. 

Beautiful garden pond with wooden bridge 


A beautiful small garden pond will increase the overall value of your property. That's why, if you want to, you can create a beautiful and stylish garden pond. The pond is build from natural rocks. On top of this pond is also installed a wooden bridge to give the appearance of a cool Japanese-style garden view.

Hopefully those 7 Inspiring Small Garden Pond Ideas are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about small garden pond ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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Editor       : Munawaroh

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