7 Charming Small Garden Ideas On A Budget


Helloshabby.com -- The dream of having a garden at home doesn't always cost a lot. Especially if you have a limited land area, which is, sure you have to be more creative in making a garden. But you do not need to worry, some small garden materials you can get at a minimal price but still charming.

Here are 7 charming small garden ideas on a budget that you can apply in your home!

Minimalist style small garden design


The corner of the terrace you can use to make a beautiful mini garden. Not taking much space, this small garden is designed with a strech of green grass that creates a cooler home atmosphere. Combine it with some other houseplants for an increrasingly beautiful look.

Charming front garden ideas


Having limited land is no longer an obstacle, to making a beautiful small garden. This small garden is equipped, with a minimalist fishpond that is able to make the terrace atmosphere more refreshing.

Small garden is beautiful with coral rock decorations


Many decoration elements that you can use to design a charming small garden. One of them is coral rock that has a variety of shapes and colors. Choose coral rocks with white color to make a small garden look brighter and wider.


A simple little garden


No need for expensive garden elements, you can use a stretch of green to cover the ground surface, which will certainly provide a cooler home atmosphere. The presence of plants around it also perfects the design of your small garden.

A small garden as a place to relax


The exiscetence of a small garden not only makes air circulation at home feel cooler. But you can use it as a favorite spot to relax comfortably. The small garden is designed in a modern style that makes the look of the house more elegant.

A small garden as a place to relax


There are many ways to get around the small size of garden. The use of hanging plants in addition to making the look of the house more aesthetic also helps you in saving space. As in picture that uses Lee Kwan Yew, who dangles beautifully on the canopy.

 Small garden with trail model


The last small garden inspiration is suitable for those of you who want a more unique garden design. In the middle of the park there is a walkway access, that able to give the appearance of  small garden look more aesthetic and beautiful at the same time.

That's 7 charming small garden ideas on a budget that you can example at home. Of the several garden designs above, which one is your favorite design?


Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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