7 Beautiful Small Terrace Ideas & Designs

Helloshabby.com -- A terrace. An external, raised, open and flat area that can be attached to a building or free-standing. A terrace can be the best place to relax. You can enjoy the outdoor scenery while relaxing on the terrace. If you're having a tiny terrace, there are many ways to make it becomes super cozy. Discover small terrace ideas to transform your tiny terrace into a stunning terrace. No matter how small it is, your terrace  can have a beautiful design. 

Here are 7 Beautiful Small Terrace Ideas & Designs.

Make it nice with the plants


If your small terrace is filled with enough seating sets, there are still ways to make it look beautiful. You can put some various type of plants in around the small terrace. Pick several types of planting that have leaves of various colors. That way, the terrace looks more colorful. Arrange them neatly on the ground or make it as hanging plants.

Make it shady by higher roof


Yes, you can bring your outdoor seating in the center of the open garden. But, when the sun heat is too strong, it feels uncomfortable to linger in the garden. Make the small terrace next to the garden as the best place to enjoy the outdoor scenery. Install a higher roof to get a more shady terrace. You can also choose a ceramic flooring with terracotta colors to get a cool view in the terrace.

Semi open terrace design

credit to effe_interiores

The design of the semi-open terrace is perfect for a family place to relax. You can design it with a strong rustic vibe. The wall is built with exposed bricks style. On the wall, there are some decorative frames that is arranged in such way, so it looks so artistic. The main floor of the terrace uses vinyl to strengthen the rustic vibe. Complete it by choosing some pieces of furniture in wooden material. 

Just a pair of small chairs is perfect for small terrace


No matter how size it is, you can get a cozy terrace. Just prepare a seating set that can be used to relax. Choose a pair of small chairs with a stunning design. The chairs will become one of the focal point of the small terrace. That way, a small terrace doesn't look so ordinary or mediocre. 

Small terrace with a vintage vibe 


Give a touch of your favorite theme to the design of the small terrace. You can place a set of wooden bench and chairs in the terrace. Some colorful elements are placed on the terrace, such as wind chimes, vintage windows and bench pads. Those things are useful to make the terrace more colorful with a vintage feel.  

Small terrace with a parasol

credit to cassioveigacasa

Having a free-standing terrace is also fun. But, of course, you need a shade roof that protects you from UV rays. For a more practical shade, you can choose a parasol that can be opened as needed. In addition to being useful, this kind of parasol also make the terrace looks more modern and perfect for any family gathering. 

Small terrace with multifunctional furniture 


A tiny terrace may require a little more effort to make it more perfect. One way to get around it is to choose sleek and multifunctional furniture. For example, a box seat like the picture above. This box seat can be used to sit as well as a place to store items such as daily newspapers. 

That's all for 7 Beautiful Small Terrace Ideas & Designs. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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