7 Hello Kitty Bedroom Theme Designs

Helloshabby.com -- Hello Kitty bedroom designs have always been a dream or bucket list for many girls. Not only the young girls, even many women also like the Hello Kitty bedroom theme designs.  The cute kittylicious room ideas will give a positive vibe to anyone who likes it. Hello Kitty is usually synonymous with the use of an adorable pink color. The cute cat face accents and a pink color will certainly give the look of a room like a princess's room. 

Below, we provide 7 Hello Kitty bedroom theme designs that encourage you to design your bedroom in Hello Kitty-themed. 

A simple Hello Kitty bedroom for the twins 


Many young girls will love this adorable Hello Kitty themed bedroom. The design looks simple, but it's still interesting to look at. The combination of pink walls, parquet floors, and a little white color make the room feel so cozy. Everything about Hello Kitty is made as a functional decorative accent. For example, on the cute faceless Hello Kitty's sticker on the wall, Hello Kitty cushions and doormats. The twins would love this room arrangement. 

Elegant bedroom with Hello Kitty theme 


Everything about Hello Kitty doesn't always seem childish. You can keep it elegant with the right bedroom design settings. If you want an elegant bedroom like the princess's room, a combination of sweet pink and gold color accents can be applied in the room. Then, Hello Kitty things are applied to the visible are with a quantity that is not excessive. 

Small, lovely Hello Kitty bedroom design


When you're having a small bedroom size, you don't have to feel constrained to put your Hello Kitty decors in the room. Make use of the walls to put and display your Hello Kitty doll collection. All your favorite doll will keep in order and work as bedroom decor. It is also a nice idea to stick some Hello kitty stickers along the wall. That way, a small bedroom will look so Hello Kitty. 

Hello Kitty ceiling 


Perfect your Hello Kitty bedroom design by making the ceiling in the shape of kitty's head. You can make it more attractive by adding lighting elements, both directly and indirectly. Embedded halogen lamps or the use of LED Strips, lighting on the ceiling can be hidden on a lower surface so that the reflected light looks softer and make you sleep better.

Hello Kitty bedroom theme designs for Hello Kitty Lovers 


The room above is certainly to be made by a Hello Kitty lover. The bedroom is filled with everything about Hello Kitty that makes the room seem more vibrant and away from the gloomy impression. The owner also added a personal touch, such as a collage of photographs displayed on the wall. The room still feels so personal despite the many Hello Kitty decorations. 

Cozy Hello Kitty bedroom design 


This kind of bedroom is also perfect for Hello Kitty lovers. It doesn't look so excessive. But the main furniture is using a Hello Kitty picture that make it so clear as a Hello Kitty bedroom theme design. Other than pink, the wall paint is selected in white color. The white paint act as neutralizing color for pink objects around it. That way, the room still look spacious and not so overboard.  

Sweet, bright Hello Kitty bedroom theme 


Adding Hello Kitty-themed decors enhance the cuteness of the space. You can take this cheerful vibe into a teen or adult spaces. You can start from the bedding, there are many options to choose a cute and sweet Hello Kitty-themed bedding. Another soft furnishing such as curtain is always look good with Hello Kitty-themed. Even just with both things the bedroom will look forever cute.  

These are some ideas of 7 Hello Kitty Bedroom Theme Designs. As Hello Kitty lover, those bedroom themes are the best idea to show your love for this cute Hello Kitty character. So, from the design of the bedroom above, which one is your favorite? Tell us on our Facebook comment section!

Author      : Yeni

Editor       : Munawaroh

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