7 Landscaping With Rock Ideas

7 Landscaping With Rock Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- The beauty of the garden will have a big effect on the charm of the house, as beautiful as eating, the more attractive the look of the house you have. One of them is by matching the garden for the growth of fresh greenery that can help to green the house away from pollution. One of the combined element that you can try to apply when you have a landscape is to choose rocks for a distinctive charm and add a different atmosphere in a piece. You can also combine it with various element of green or water, like other fishponds. Well, just look at the following review!

Combines element of natural stone to fishpond in the front landscape


Making pavement in the garden, you can try with concrete or cement. In addition to the permeation can be selected natural stone type coral or gravel. Having a landscape design like this will be very interesting when combined with the calm element of water and the greenery of ornamental plants, It's easy, isn't it?


Natural stone as a visual enhancer of landscapes


Minimalist front garden design of this house can be used for greening area in the house. Make synthetic grass as a cover of the land, you can add other materials such as coral stones as a catchment. Not only that, this natural stone will clarify a neat and elegant transition.


Natural stone transition to steeping stone


To make the difference between house buildings is quite easy in addition to vegetation alone. You can transform with unique transitions of coral stone with steeping stone as seen. The vast landscape can also present a thorough ornamental grass and create a beautiful dry garden concept with hanging plants around the trees.


Gravel as a ground cover landscape


Lining the garden with pebbles is a smart solution to add a wider looking fig that is comfortable for a variety of activities. You can let these pebbles spread around steeping stone to create an elegant and aesthetic contrast display.


Landscape with stones as s filler of planting land


Besides being used to fill the sideline' pathway, gravel is also interesting for the top layer of crop land. You can give different elevation between empty lands and plants that are emphasized with expose cement. Spread the pebbles thoroughly to support your landscape at home.


 Gravel as a land barrier


The presence of a sided back garden and left for greening elements can help refresh the home environment. Especially if there is an element of natural stone as a land barrier between ornamental grass and laundry room area. As a reinforcement of the concept of open landscape stone, you can combine with a distinctive and elegant steeping stone.


Gravel stone for dry landscape concept


The use of gravel in addition to water infiltration is also identical to the concept of dry garden. Monotonous impression will be lost if using this pebble because it has a rough texture. You can place gravel for land cover or house transition before vegetate exists.

Hopefully those  7 Landscaping With Rock Ideas is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about 7 Landscaping With Rock Ideas idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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