7 Simple Garden Design Ideas to Adorn a Small Home

7 Simple Garden Design Ideas to Adorn a Small Home

Helloshabby.com -- To make the dream of a house with a shady and fresh atmosphere as a recreational spot around the house is quite easy. Even with limited land, if you know the right mode and design. The garden will be created beautifully according to the desired concept. The presence of a garden can give a beautiful touch instantly and display your small house, so it if fresher. There are many other ways that you can try decorating to make your small garden.

Check out some interesting ideas below!


Minimalist garden in front of the house with ornamental grass


Not just empty land in front of the house, you can use ornamental grass to add the main accent and beautify the front garden of the house with various types of hanging or embedded models of ornamental plants directly in the ground. Prepare a small space to make the path, so that the front visuals are more attractive.


Small, protected leafy garden


Small part in the corner of the house will always keep a unique design if you know the arrangement and decoration. While filling your free time on weekends, you can arrange plants with terracotta potting media that looks natural. Choose with some popular ornamental plants such as a Monstera, Agalaonema to air cleaning plants around the house.


Make the best garden and pool healing space


Usually, making a park, people will prefer two places, Front or back of the house. Well in the back area of the house that impressed privacy you can make the best place to make a small garden. With  a combination of a calm fishpond, plants you can arrange in the garden while filling the land.


Small garden model outdoor cafe


So that the land in your home is not wasted, the design of a small garden in front of this house you can make inspiration. With the concept of a fresh open cafe garden, put some furniture complete chairs and tables to gather at night. Protect the garden with a glass canopy id needed, so that you are protected from the intense sun heat when relaxing in the afternoon.


Minimalist dry garden concept


Without the need for extra care, making a small outdoor garden greatly helps freshness in the house. Using the simple dry garden concept, you can put pots containing outdoor plants that bring beautiful visuals around the house. To take advantage of the remaining vacant land, you can plant cactus plants for beautiful decoration enhancers with easy care.

Small garden with boxwood and steeping stone


This model of the front landscape of the house that is not too crowded is still well functioned as an example of a home garden with a simple concept and arrangement. You simply open the land with boxwood along the typical residential boundary of a thick green color. To be more expressive, make a straight path without having to step on the grass on the land.

Small garden mingles with terrace


Create a small home garden you can create with a variety of interesting decorations. One of them is a palm tree that is between the garden and the terrace. Also take advantage of the fence wall of the house using ficus pumila plants that grow vines and spread upwards. Provide more attractive visuals with hanging plant along the ceiling of the terrace for a beautiful and stunning small garden design.

Hopefully those small garden is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Lynda
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