A Stunning 3 Bedroom for a Large Family

Helloshabby.com -- A large family certainly needs more than two bedrooms, for you, for children, for the elderly or even rooms that specially prepared for guest. Different occupants of the room, of course, different bedroom design. For example, a bedroom designed for the elderly will certainly be made to adjust their physical needs. In contrast to children's rooms that will certainly be made cheerful, according to their character.

In this article, we will share 7 stunning bedroom inspirations that are suitable for the needs of children, parents or elder, guest and of course a bedroom that is quite attractive to you. 

A stunning bedroom inspiration for you


Make your room look cool and chic with a combination of black and pink. This combination can be applied to the background wall of the mattress. While the rest of the wall is painted in white to make it look cleaner, brighter and airier. The wall can also be used to display frame decorations, a small mirror and places to store clothes. 

This bedroom doesn't have a large closet. Some clothes are hung, other area neatly arranged in boxes below and above the floating shelf. That way, the room look spacious and saves expensive without buying a closet. 

A simple but beautiful bedroom for you 


If you are currently struggling about how to make a small bedroom look stunning and cozy, then this kind of bedroom design can be one of your inspirations.
At first glance, this bedroom has a small size. But the owner is able to conjure up a beautiful-looking room with complete furniture. On floor bed design is chosen so that the room remains spacious. The choice of paint and wall furniture is chosen in white to make the room feels clean and airy. The room is more aesthetic by applying a beautiful floral bedsheet motifs in red and purple colors. 

A simple and cozy guest room


The guest don't stay at your house all the time, do they? For that, you can make a guest room with a simpler design but still cozy. Choose sleek room furniture design, such as wooden mattress bed, a floating dresser, a stool to a small mirror. Also place a soft carpet to give a warmer space. No need to install air conditioning, if a fan is enough to make air in the room fresher. 

A cozy bedroom for the elder


Living with elderly people mean there are special needs in the arrangement of the house. One example is the bedroom. Both in good health or sick, the elderly need certain conditions to get quality rest. 

You can also help to design a comfy bedroom for the elderly. For the bed, it is best to use a solid bed, so that when they wake up from the bed, they do not have difficulty lifting their own body weights. Make sure the bedroom is not filled with too much furniture and accessories, especially in the floor. Do not have drawers or storage cabinets that are too high to be reached by elderly parents. 


Another comfortable bedroom design for the elderly


Bring a soothing bedroom feel the elderly. For example, a bedroom with  shades of brown color that looks shady does not dazzle the eyes. Some health experts say, use a bed with height of more than 50 cm or 20 inches from the floor. However, this height can adjust to the need of each elderly. Also provide ample wiggle space around the bed to make it easier for them when wake up from the bed. 

A fun bedroom kids


Unlike the elderly, you can pour more creative ideas into the child's bedroom. This is because children need a room that allows their imagination and thinking power to develop more. You can present a mattress with a canopy bed in the shape of a house that looks so adorable. Place a study table for their need to do the homework from school. Don't forget, invite the children to decorate their rooms so that they'll love their bedroom more. 

Hopefully those A Stunning 3 Bedroom for a Large Family is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about bedroom ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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