7 Best Types of Peace Lily

7 Best Types of Peace Lily

Helloshabby.com -- This flower that symbolizes chastity and happiness has a white flower known as peace lily. Plants with aroma should often be used as a fragrance material. Not only that, the color of deep green with various beautiful patterns makes this plant one of the most charming plants. You can choose various types of peace lily ornamental plants below that are very popular for decorating your room at home.

Peace Lily Sensation


This type of peace lily plant that has a beautiful sensation peace lily commonly called Spathiphyllum with a fat leaf shape, a dense green color. The height of plants that can reach 4 -6 feet becomes one of the peace lily plants with growing as well as a charming look.

Diamond Peace Lily


White patches that are scattered on thus lily ornamental plant look beautiful mixed with green. Although the leaves of this diamond lilies resemble those of other plants, different leaves do not tapered and tend to be fatter to be one of its characteristics.


Peace Lily Domino


The leaves of random motifs on this peace lilies plant are white -colored with beautiful contrast of white spathes. Leaves that have a pointy tip that is useful for protecting themselves from animals so that they can grow continuously without holes.


Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily


Not much different from the previous peace lilies. Leaves that have a large size with a size up to 9 -12 inches wide that look shin green. This plant can grow about 3 -4 feet, which is still classified as a very moderate plant.


 Little Angle Peace Lily


Peace lilies include in dwarf specimens agree to grow more easily than others. Shiny green leaves with a pointy shape are very sweet if you put them in a mini pot.

Peace Lily Piscasso


Plant with a combination of white and green leaf color has a beautiful blend. With an oblong and tapered leaf shape gives the appearance of peaceful and calm peace lilies. Wide leaves with a beautiful combination, you can make an empty room filler to provide unique details.

Peace Lily jetty


The following type of peace lilies show off lush and shiny colored leaves. Glossy green leaves with a little white sprouts give a beautiful look with long-lasting and full growth.

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