7 Easy Way to Decorate a Home With Doraemon Character


7 Easy Way to Decorate a Home With Doraemon Character

Helloshabby.com -- House with one cartoon character have not only been popular in recent years. Even today, many homeowners decide to use beautiful cartoon decorations with a simple, not comprehensive look. One of them is doraemon character, which is close to children's fun and also the color blue. So if you decide to design a doraemon character's house, these 7 Easy Way to Decorate a Home With Doraemon Character could be the solution.

House facade design

Because it carries the characters of doraemon with a distinctive blue color, this facade that color for its exterior. Combined again with the beautiful doraemon character, the owner only put it for a few locations. Such as the area to clim the stairs of the house and the two roof models as seen.

Minimalist beautiful terrace

The appearance of the house that is not too big makes the terrace of the house small too. This small and elongated terrace design looks sweet with a more attractive brown tiled floor. The distinctive blue color is applied thoroughly to get Doraemon distinctive character.

Minimalist living room with doraemon character chairs

Entering the interior of the house, this simple minimalist living room design only uses a wooden chair and a table. Doraemon characters that are applied to the back of the chairs and tables add a beautiful decorative impression that is easy to match. Besides that, to add an adorable doraemon cartoon effect, you can put a wallpaper on the wall or just display photos of doraemon and his friends.


 Doraemon interior minimalist bedroom

The next important area is the bedroom. Bedroom design with an empty bed at the bottom of the doraemon bed linen and pillows as a whole. Having a beautiful and spacious design, this bedroom does not use many decorations such as wall art or other wall photo displays.


Minimalist room corner

Still in the bedroom before. The corner design of the room that uses doraemon decorations is applied to the wardrobe door with doraemon motif stickers and towels. So that it is more festive with the doraemon theme, you can complement it with interesting doraemon motif knick-knacks.

Gazebo on backyard

Although the interior of this house does not apply the doraemon character as a whole, you can add this doraemon characteras to use plant as seen. You need to pain this cartoon with a distinctive blue color and other beautiful decorations combinations.


Doraemon pot details

As explained in the previous discussion, the doraemon theme that is applied to this plant pot looks beautiful and looks like a picture in general. You can paint doraemon characters like this one the walls of the house to make them look optimal and beautiful.

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