Stylish and Charming Decorating Ideas with Greenery -- There are many options for decorating a house. But, you shouldn't miss the idea of decorating the house with plants. You can even make plants the main theme for a fresher residence with tropical vibe inside. Plants also bring many benefit for a home. It will add pops of color that makes a living space more lively. The plants can also clear the air, make you able to breathe fresh air even when inside the home.

There are also many ways to style up a home with plants. But you can't miss these Stylish and Charming Decorating Ideas with Greenery . In a simple but creative way, your home will feel better than ever. 

1. Outdoor lounge with festive plants' decor ideas


You can start to style a living space with plants from anywhere. But the outdoor lounge is one of the best places with plant decorations. Because the plants will integrate the lounge with outdoor atmosphere. You can arrange the outdoor lounge with an arrangement like a mini jungle. Place lush leafy plants around your seat. It is also a great idea to style up the upper space with vines or dangling plant. The dangling leaf will act as plant curtain that'll make the outdoor lounge more shady and cool. 

2. Charming entryway with plants 

Greet your guests with a fresh welcome of plants, even when they are at the entrance of your house. A variety of plants will add a splash of color to your entrance. You can also let monstera plants grow, creeping upwards as high as the entrance of your house. That way, the plant will act as a charming welcome. 

3. Set up the plant in best spot


When you want to arrange a house with plants, of course, you want the plants to always be visible and unhidden, right? Therefore, it is important to determine where you will place your indoor plants. If your plants tend to be small, provide the best plant holder, so that when the plants are placed in the corner of the room they will still be visible. Make use of the walls by installing floating shelves to display some vines inside your living space. 

4. Plants as visual divider 

If you tend to have an open space, you can divide the space with plants. Put the plants between the two different spaces. The plants will work as zone divider and visual divider, without making the room look heavy and stuffy. 

5. Light plants for heavy rooms


The heavy room, we mean, is a room with festive decorations. Like this room. The TV room looks festive with rustic decor items, exposed bricks, some pattern and more. Adding a light greenery such as areca palm is a good way to lighten the tone of the room. 

6. Bedroom with artificial plants

Don't force yourself. If you think it's impossible to care for of plants inside your bedroom, it is okay to add only artificial plants on it. You can make it as wall decorations. Or simply, put it on a nightstand. The artificial plants still able to provide a fresh visual enhancement to the room.

7. Plants around the focal point of the room


Plants are not always the center of the room. But, plants are the best friend for the focal point. You can put plants around the aquarium to give it a natural  atmosphere. Plants complete this room. You can imagine, without plants the room will look too empty, right? 

8. Rustic dining room with plants decor ideas

Rustic dining room with natural, rough and aged look, it still seems harmonious with the plants. In fact, the plants complete the look of this dining room. The greenery add a splash of color to this room. You can also place the cushions in tropical pattern to strengthen the presence of the plants. 

That's all for Stylish and Charming Decorating Ideas with Greenery. You can try one or more ideas at your home. Hopefully those ideas is useful for those of you. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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