7 Low Maintenance Indoor Plant Names With Pictures

7 Low Maintenance Indoor Plant Names With Pictures

Helloshabby.com -- Planting activity or cultivating ornamental plants for beginners is currently a trend. Especially for those of you who like the shady and cool atmosphere around the house, plants area one of the favorite choices that area quite easy to choose. To decide to choose plants as a way to occupy yourself when at home, you can first try plants that are easy to use as home interior decoration materials. Well as an option 7 Low Maintenance Indoor Plant Names With Pictures you can but around your home!

English Ivy


Ornamental plants' Hedera Helix or commonly called English Ivy is very tolerated light and soil conditions. Then it is not wrong if it can be called an indoor plant that can disappear VOC form the air in the house. Plants that have the shape of liver with white fringes still look strong leaf bones that are sling.


Rubber Plant


Rubber plants are ornamental plants that are often found in South Asia. Rubber plant or ficus elastic include plants that have roots up and propagate to the stems of the plants Besides being useful to be placed in the house, this plant you must avoid from pets. Because this plant is quite poisonous. For treatment, you need to give enough water and keep the soil moist to keep it growing.

Spider plant


Spider plant is an ornamental plant that is recommended to fill the interior with the house. The elongated leaf shape with white and green colors provide an indoor aesthetic. Beautiful white flowers are very attractive in season. This plant also has the benefit of absorbing chemical pollutants with easy treatment and does not take long to grow large. But make sure you still give minimalist water 2-3 time a week.





This ZZ plant turns out to be one of the list of ornamental plants that are healthy and can live without sunlight. Plant originating from this Africa continent can live in dry soil conditions or low humidity. Plant that can grow 1 meter high in this room have beautiful and shiny flowers, like coated in was. This plant is a poisonous plant, keep it out of the reach of children or pets to prevent unwanted things.


Philodendron Micans


Philodendron micans are ornamental plants that are often used as hanging accessories for the corner of the room in the house or terrace. The characteristic of this plant have a beautiful color with a distinctive leaf shape. Ornamental plants that are more that 500 species have their own uniqueness. You can choose philodendron micans plants that are easy to treatment with easy room temperature adaption, you also need to pay attention to the soil moisture to keep it thrive and high.




This plant native to the tropical forest of Central America has a distinctive dark green leaf shape. beautiful and aesthetic patterns are very suitable for home interior sweeteners. Plants that have dozens of varieties, there is one of the famous Monstera Delicios. This popular ornamental plant has rapid growth with fairly easy maintenance.



Sansevieria is a tropical plant from  West Africa that is very easy to grow. No exception to the care, this plant is very easy for you to plant and placed in the room. It is believed to have quite a lot of functions, such as being able to cure headaches to ward off radiation of electronic goods. This plant is enough you place near the window to get the morning sun.



Hopefully those plants idea  is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about plants interior idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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