7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas that Make the Most of a Tiny Space

Helloshabby.com -- Having a tiny house maybe require a lot of consideration. One of them is a matter of designing the kitchen. A tiny house usually have a small kitchen design. Organizing a small kitchen is also easy and difficult to do. You have to save the space, without neglecting the appearance of the kitchen. But, don't worry. There'll be always a lot stunning small kitchen design ideas for you. 

Special for you, here are 7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas that Make the Most of a Tiny Space.

1. Open kitchen design idea 


Living in a small house, it is okay to design an open kitchen. The kitchen near the living space will make the most of a tiny space. You can design the kitchen  with L-shaped kitchen layout. The countertops, some cabinets, and work services (sink and stove) are arrayed along the wall. While the other wall is used as a place to put the upper cabinet and kitchen refrigerator. Design it with Scandinavian look to make the kitchen space look more spacious. 

2. Cute and practical small kitchen design 


Instead of installing upper cabinets, the owner maximize storage by placing several shelves and container boxes on the kitchen floor. Some container shelves are designed under the countertops, they resemble cabinets under the countertops. Shelves and boxes serve to put a variety of cooking ware and kitchen spices. Furniture designs and kitchen decor are also selected in baby pink and pastel colors to make the kitchen looks so cute. 

3. Make it White 


White or lighter colors make a small kitchen to be better. Use white colors on your wall, countertops, and cabinets to reflect light around the kitchen space, so the kitchen will look bigger. White kitchen is also a great idea to add more personal touches to the kitchen. You can decorate the white kitchen with greenery. You'll have a white kitchen that feel bigger and fresher. 

4. A small kitchen design without upper cabinets


No one feel comfortable in a cramped kitchen. Make it more spacious by removing upper cabinet from the kitchen design. A small kitchen without upper cabinets will expand the kitchen space. Instead of an upper cabinet, you can use floating shelves. Make the floating shelves as a place to put the kitchen spices. In addition to being neater and airier, you can take the cooking spices more easily. 

5. Adorable small kitchen design 


Of course, everyone wants a comfortable and beautiful kitchen. After considering the layout that will save space, don't forget to decorate the kitchen that suit you and give you positive energy every time you want to cook. It is a good idea to design kitchen with shabby chic themed-look, like the one above. The baby pink and pastel colors create such an adorable small kitchen.

6. Small kitchen under the stairs 


Make the most of the tiny space under the stairs as a small kitchen. You can arrange the kitchen in any layout that makes it easier for you to access the kitchen. We recommend closing the distance between the stairs with solid cover. This is to prevent the dirt from above to fall into the kitchen space. For thematic kitchen look, it is a nice idea to adapt this small industrial kitchen to your home. 

7. Keep it clean and neat


A small kitchen will be comfortable enough, if you keep it clean and neat. Make sure you don't put unnecessary furniture in the kitchen. Or simply, make sure the kitchen utensils are neatly stored in their proper places. Always clean the kitchen after use, so as not to invite flies into your kitchen. 

That's all for 7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas that Make the Most of a Tiny Space. A good kitchen doesn't always com with big sizes. You can make a small kitchen that work well. Just don't put unnecessary items or excessive things in a small kitchen. And, even a tiny space will make a small kitchen look so interesting and feel like heaven, at least for you. 

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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