7 Spectacular Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

7 Spectacular Front Yard Landscaping Ideas


Helloshabby.com -- Changing the front view the correct landscaping will give a fresh, green attraction to your home. Greening elements' area very important to refresh the dwelling. In addition, you can add other decorations such as fishpond, fountains or mobilization access with pathway that can be used as a complement. To get an idea of the front garden of the house that is interesting, beautiful and aesthetic. Check out the 7 Spectacular Front Yard Landscaping Ideas below!

 Welcome flowers with a pathway


Inspiration landscape in front of this house can be a reference. Natural rock element for the pathway to the house, surrounded by beautiful flower decorations thoroughly. As a combination, add ornamental grass along the yard to make the visual more attractive.


Desert concept park


How to make the front garden of the house simple and interesting is to choose the concept of sandbags. You can use ornamental plants that are resistant if placed outdoors with little irrigation. Such as cacti, succulent to the types of shrubs that can grow around the sand. Combine also with gravel rocks to perform optimally and beautify the house.


Lush green garden


The size of the front of the house is quite large, is very easy to be used as a place of vegetation. One of them, you can use bush plants or tall trees to feel more comfortable and shady. To impress warm and luxurious, place a bright yellow outdoor lamp around the park.


Green garden with colorful flowers


So that the front yard of your house looks beautiful and refreshing, a green garden with flowers of these colors you can use to fill the land that is still empty. Plant several types of beautiful flower plants of various colors. Combine with natural rocks to give a strong natural impression.


Dry garden with rock


To make the front garden of the house beautiful and aesthetic, this dry concept garden design can be used as a solution. Especially if you're a super busy homeowner. Simply place rock to cover the land and use dry plants such as cacti as a complement. If necessary, put a large rock that is very interesting to be used as a seat.


Circle bed with vegetable



If you are one of the people who like productive plants, the front design of this house you can fill with vegetable or fruit plants. Make a circle bed in the middle of which is used as a space for vegetables. You can have vines such as tubers or fruit that grows.


Landscaping with boxwood walls


Landscaping will certainly make your dwelling look fresher and beautiful. The front garden of the house designed with large trees protected by boxwood is divides into several areas. Boxwood made square you can combine again to be used as a relaxing are. To make it cooler, you can add a complete furniture pergola to make it more complete.



Hopefully those landscaping idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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