Red and White Accent Ideas for Uplifting and Intimate Charms -- Red brings the impression of spirit, courage and energy. While, white is also the most used and neutral color of all and provide calmness. What if these two colors are used in one thing, namely as living space decor. We believe these two colors can make the living space brighter, vibrant and far from gloomy impression. 

Incorporate red and white accents can be done in easily ways. If you need some ideas to incorporate them in your living space, here are some ideas of Red and White Accent Ideas for Uplifting and Intimate Charms.

Balanced red and white accents


Too much red can cause the impression of heat, aggressive, explosive emotions. Too much white can give rise to a feeling of cold, stiff and isolated. However, when these two colors are put together in the right proportions will make your room look charming, like this bedroom. Add a touch of blue color to calm down the atmosphere of the room. Blue color also add a spark of color to this white and red bedroom design.

Little but big impact 


Incorporate red and white things, you can do in simple way. For example, choosing red and white cushions for a small sofa. The red and white cushions give a big impact on the living room, in terms of visual impression. It gives you a casual and intimate charms. 

Red and white curtain completes living room room design


Applying a white and red theme shouldn't be done excessively. You can only use it as a focal point in the room. If you need a decoration that contrasts with the look of a minimalist living room, curtains in a red and white color can be installed on the living room window. This curtain has a deep red color and clean white, which is beautiful placed on a minimalist window. Moreover, there is curtain back ties in the form of red and white flowers that beautify the room.

Stylish work desk in red and white 


The color of red present the impression of courage, strength and spirit. Suitable for those of you who want to stay motivated when working from home. While the white is impressively light, spacious and open, making you more focused when it comes to work. The red and white combinations on the work desk, chair, curtain and bean bag will make your workspace more stylish. 

Cozy red and white bedroom ideas 


The combination of red and white is good to apply in small amounts. That way, the combination appears as a highlight and does not make the room monotonous. As a complement or counterweight, you can choose decorations other than red and white, such as: ornamental plants that refresh the room. 

Pretty living room with red and white accents


The advantage of choosing white painted walls is the ease of being mixed and matched with any theme, such as red and white-theme decor. This theme makes the living room look more characterful. The choice of red fur carpet makes a dare statement as a focal point that also give the room a warm and uplifting vibe. Minimalist white sofa with similar themed cushions also complement this kind of warm and welcoming living room. 

That's all for Red and White Accent Ideas for Uplifting and Intimate Charms. We hope you get inspirations from the review above. You can adapt one or more ideas to make a stylish red and white room. Don't forget to share this article to your loved one. We wish you'll be easier in making your dream house comes true.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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