7+ Attractive Green Kids' Bedroom Designs

Helloshabby.com -- The choice of color in the room will affect the psychological and growth of the child. One color that gives positive energy is green. Green is a color that is representing nature and growth. This growth concept is perfect for the child's room that will grow-up. 

Additionally, according to the Ecoglobale website, green influence children, for example increasing concentration and helping with motivation and calmness to the kid. If you or your child likes green, you can show these 7+ Attractive Green Kids' Bedroom Designs. These green bedroom design will make your child get good energy from it. 

Green color on room furniture


Green is seen as helping to improve reading speed and comprehension.  Appropriately apply this positive color in a kids' room. You can choose a day bed with green bed frame and white cabinets on it. Choose a wardrobe and study table in a matching green color. This green-study desk look so fresh and make the reading time more enjoyable for your kids. 

Creative green accents


Boost your child's creativity by making a geometric accent wall like this one. The concept of 3 colors makes geometric walls brighter and colorful. Green appears as a fresh and deep color that attract children's attention into the room. 

Children's green room with a special theme


There are many green characters that children love. One of them is Keroppi. It is a frog character with big eyes and V-shaped mouth. Let the child decorate the room with their favorite Keroppi character. For example, bedsheets, window blinds and chair cloth in Keroppi pattern. 

Simple but neat arrangement


This green room design can be tried for a small bedroom. The walls are given a green-pear paint as wall finishing. The floor is left plain white so that the room does not look monotonous green. The arrangement of furniture is attached to the wall, including a green folding mattress. That way, the room will feel more spacious and bright. 

A clean-look green bedroom


Simple but eye-catching. This kid's bedroom is shaded green with perfect complements. Green walls combined with a black shape sticker that makes the wall more vibrant, but not excessive. The bedsheet in white as contrasting color to make the room have a fresh and clean-look. 

Festive green walls for fresh and cheerful kids' bedroom


Bring a fresh and cheerful atmosphere in the children's room. Choose a bright and fresh lemon-green wall paint color like this. You can help your child to arrange toys and book collection on this green wall. Add tiny ball decorations that make the room more vibrant.

Although the green walls are festive, but the windows and other white elements balance the atmosphere of the room, so the room does not look boring in green. 

Perfect green and white combination


Play more unique and different combinations of green and white. You can try to install a green and white wallpaper with striped-pattern. These wallpapers add a dynamic feeling to the room. The combination of green and white also looks good in the cabinet arrangement in white-green-white arrangement as above. Wrap it all in a natural and cozy wooden floor. 

That's all for 7+ Attractive Green Kids' Bedroom Designs. Tell your kid these bedroom designs. Let them pick one of their favorite to be applied into their bedroom. Don't forget to help them to design and create a green bedroom that makes the kids happier. 

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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