7 Beautiful Bathroom Plant Shelf Ideas


Helloshabby.com --  The easiest way to make over the bathroom is to present plants in it. Ornamental are usually placed in the corner of the house to make the atmosphere of the room becomes fresher and blends with nature. The use of wall shelf facilities can also also be considered to make the look of your bathroom neater.

Interested us using plant shelves as decoration? Let's first at look at the 7 beautiful bathroom plant shelf ideas that you can apply at home!

Plant shelves with bright colors


Create a bathroom atmosphere full of happiness by applying bright color. One of them is a red accent that is identical to the pleasant atmosphere. The following plant shelves are made with red accents at the bottom that appear to blend in with the entire interior.

Multi functional plant shelf in the bathroom


This bathroom with a white interior uses multifunctional plant shelves. In addition to being used to put plants, at the bottom of the shelf there is a towel hanger feature. Very interesting, isn't it?

3-Level plant rack


Bathroom with small sizes can be made neatly and attractively if you can choose the appropriate wall shelves. The wall shelves of the following three levels of facilities can accommodate a variety of other bathroom fixtures.

Minimalist style plant racks


Carrying a minimalist style interior design, the choice of shelves with neutral colors such as black and white you can adjust to your needs. Making the best use of the bathroom walls can be the best solution for a small bathroom.

Wooden plant shelves


For those of you who want a more homey bathroom atmosphere. The design of wooden plant shelves can be used. You can use two-level wooden shelves to help maximize storage.

Stainless-steel plant shelves in the bathroom


Stainless material is the best choice because stainless shelves are easier to clean and durable. By using stainless wall plant shelves makes the overall interior more modern.

Simple white plant rack


The presence of plants in the bathroom proved to make the atmosphere of the room cooler. Adjusting to the interior concept, the last bathroom uses a simple plant shelves with white color. The size is not large but still able to fit plants and other equipment.

That's an example of 7 beautiful bathroom plant shelf ideas that can inspire you. Which is design is your favorite?

Author      : Hafsah

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