House Plant Styling Ideas - Monstera

House Plant Styling Ideas - Monstera -- It is not secret that Monstera is a favorite ornamental plant that must be at home for lovers of ornamental plants. From large to small Monstera, you can have them for the next few years with intense treatment. 

In addition to needing extra care, using Monstera to be used as an idea of houseplant also needs style. You can choose some easy ways to place in the corner of the room only. But it will look boring, therefore, we have several sets and examples that you can imitate the following.


Use glass bottles for pots


In addition to just planted in plastic pots or rattan, you can be more creative to use your ornamental plants at home like this. With a beautiful look you can use a used glass bottle of drink or whatever. Wash thoroughly so that it does not cause odor and fill with soil, then choose the type of Monstera you have to plant here. Be sure to leave the glass bottle cap open to get air.


Spread to the walls of the house


When you have a type of Monstera that grows creeping, of course, it needs a buttress or stem to strengthen it. So as not to be too complicated, you can let it propagate on the walls of the house like this. But still use a potting medium that suits the size of the plants so that when growing large the pot does not break because the roots are too much.


Use planting media from wood powder


If you are too difficult to get fertile soil for planting media. It's good to use affordable wood powder with content that can absorb water and also nutrients by plants, then the plant will thrive.

Utilizing wood powder as a planting medium is very positive for the environment and also includes environmentally friendly.


Using vine buffers


Previous reviews had Monstera plants without a vine buffer that was only propagated on the wall only.

But this time you can use the idea of Monstera Adansonii plants that grow with vines, you can use a plant buffer in the middle of the pot. This will help the plant find its own vine without disturbing or damaging the surrounding.


Cheap and friendly rattan pot


So that Monstera plants in the house look stylish and unique, choosing plant pots is also needed in the concepts of space. In this natural open concept space, you can give some refreshing finishing touches. One of them is Monstera plants with cheap and environmentally friendly rattan pots. You only need to move it when it's too big.


Garden in the house with the concept of urban jungle


Having a tropical house with the concept of urban jungle in it can make fresh air and thoughts throughout the day. In addition to Monstera plants only, you can put a variety of ornamental plants that have element of thick and shiny green leaves like this. Starting form embedded in the pot or hanging on the wall of the room.

Concepts like this area very stylish and suitable to be nailed to the second floor house in the city.


Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Lynda
Editor       : Munawaroh
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