7 Best Hanging Plants to Keep Your House Cool

Helloshabby.com -- Another way to liven up the atmosphere at home is to hang some plants around the house. There are several types of plants that suitable as hanging plants. For example, golden pothos or Spanish moss that looks like a dangling white beard. In addition, hanging plants can also be an option to make the house cooler and fresher.

Get to know about best hanging plants with the best arrangements on 7 Best Hanging Plants to Keep Your House Cool. Your house will become fresher than ever with these hanging plants. 

1. Hanging plants with dangling leaves


When you want to hang plants, make sure you choose the type of plant that is suitable for hanging. The best option is to choose plants whose leaves can grow dangling or vines, such as tradescantia fluminensis tricolor plant, golden pothos and string of pearls. The foliage that dangle down will make the atmosphere of the house look more beautifully fresh. 

2. Hanging basket plants with rattan basket


Low-maintenance plants like golden pothos are great for hanging in rattan baskets. It gives a rustic vibe into minimalist interior decor. Just make sure you hang them on strong wooden supports, so it won't fall to the ground. 

3. Philodendron hanging plants


This one vine is quite popular as an indoor plant because it can survive with little sunlight. Even so, philodendron plants are also suitable as plants for the terrace area. The more lush the leaves, the more beautiful the appearance. 

4. Make the trailing plants as a green curtain


Windows are the best place to keep the trailing plants. The natural lights will make the trailing and hanging plants grow healthy and lush. You hang the trailing plants on the windows that act as a green curtain for the living room. This way, your house keep cool and fresh. You also get an urban jungle vibe in the room. 

5. Syngonium plants in hanging pots


In addition to dangling plants, you can also put syngonium plants on hanging pots. This heart-shaped plant can make the room lively and vibrant naturally. Clay terracotta pottery pots can be hung using strong hanging pot ropes, so they are not easily broken while supporting the plants. 

6. Hanging plants around the stairs


Look at this mesmerizing room around the stairs! The room look so alive by hanging some plant on the upper wall, near the stairs. The hanging plants look good with rattan lampshades that give a rough, rustic and natural feeling to the room. You can place the hanging plants like this to make your living space not so plain. 

7. Best Spanish Moss 'The Unique Beard' Plant


Spanish moss is a plant that is very suitable for hanging. Its shape is unique, like a white beard that grow extending downwards. This plant is also easy to care for. The Spanish moss can live without complicated medium. You just need to do enough watering periodically. Then this plant will grow elongated by itself. This plant is also perfect as a green curtain in the terrace or any space outside the house. 

Hopefully those 7 Best Hanging Plants to Keep Your House Cool are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about hanging plant ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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