7 Flowers that Look Like a Roses


7 Flowers that Look Like a Roses

Helloshabby.com -- Roses are one of the plants that can be said to be the queen of flowers. This most recognized and beloved plant became one of the world's iconic. But because this plant includes picky plant that can not be planted in many places, you can choose some other flowers that look like roses.

You can choose some of the best choice flower such as roses with various types below!


Begonia Flower


The list of flowers that look like roses becomes beautiful with begonias. This generous, beautiful flower plant is often seen in hanging containers around the windows of the house. Begonia flower has striking colors such as purple, white and blue. The leaves are also strikingly very beautiful making the plant like an ideal rose.

Camellia Flower


Camellias are one of the most famous and beautiful flowers because they look like roses. A concentrated crown forming beautiful shrubs can grow to a large size. The leaves grow in a very stunning dark green color like a shiny candle.

Camellia flowers will grow well in acidic soil and if this plant has a disease, you can provide extinct organic acids with maximum care.

Tulip Flower


Just like roses, these tulips have bright colors with a romance full of excitement. Colors such as pink, red, white, blue and magenta are very beautiful if placed in the yard of the house.

Butter Cup Flower


Buttercups are flower plants that are another alternative to roses. Bright and beautiful colors such as red, peach, yellow, orange and white you can have.

Flowers that have 5 crown look slim and a thin petal. Have a collection of powder in the middle along with stamens and pistils.


Anemone Flower


Colorful flowers with a dark and round center on this tall stem resemble roses. But it has a beautiful anemone name, with a thin crown in the yellow center. The beautiful crown of this plant is very beautiful in the morning.


Peony Flower


This beautiful single and double perennial flower has amazing similarities like a rose. Shades of pink, magenta white and red are very decorated to be used as a filling plant of space or home page.


Dahlia Flower


Of the many varieties of flower such as roses, this dahlia is also one of them. From small to large, the head of this dahlia flower can reach a diameter of one foot (30 cm).

Dahlia flowers with striking colors are known for their rich and warm color palette such as red, orange and purple.



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