7 Best Sanchezia Plant Variety Must You to Know


7 Best Sanchezia Plant Variety Must You to Know

Helloshabby.com -- This plant may be new to you and know. It is knows as Sanchezia, which belongs to the genus Acanthaceae. This plant is estimated to have about 20 to 50 variety. These plant include small shrubs, trees or herb located in the lowland of tropical south and Central America. 

Some other varieties that are quite famous are cultivated because ornamental species become problematic as inveighs weeds, on the other hand plants from Ecuador are also almost extinct.

This plant has several varieties that you will show you in the following review:


Sanchezia Nobilis


Plants with high attractiveness will have colorful spikes of orange flower (Sanchezia Speciosa) or yellow ones (Sanchezia Nobilis) as adults. Plant with the shape of leaves like an elongated spoon with beautiful yellow leaf bones will sparkle if exposed to heat. Because the surface of the leaves covered with wax will make it stunning.


 Sanchezia Elegant


The following Sanchezia plant have rapid growth if you place on the land. He will get maximum fertility if on the land. That way, you can have it completely for you.

Different from other leaf colors. This time he had a dark green color with a strong-looking leaf bone in slightly golden yellow.

Sanchezia Ellen


This native plant from South America is very beautiful. The shape of the leaves that are like a spoon and slightly curved down is beautiful because it has ripe green leaves with a yellow list and slightly reddish leaf bone. This plant will grow appropriately, has long stalks with a flower shape like a trumpet and yellow in spring.

Sanchezia Speciosa Leonard


This sanchezia ornamental plant is quite different from others. The shape of the leaves are like Caladium plants and form a very beautiful heart with a white pattern on the surface of the leaves. The leaves are also wavy, which look quite short and have small stems.

Sanchezia Singapore Gold


This Sanchezia plant is an amazing species that is dramatic. Lemon leave's wide cream look with a central embroidery of pale mossy and platinum green. Beautifully framed with maroon rims and luxurious petioles of roses. This plant is quite special and quite sensitive to cold. You need to warm it up in a room with light nighttime temperature.


Sanchezia Speciosa


Sanchezia plant originating from Peru as a tropical ornamental plant has a beautiful leaf shape. Green leaves are yellow striped, firm and very exotic. Although it looks simple, this plant is very tempting to the eyes. This plant is an indoor plant that you can develop with stem cuttings.

Sanchezia Yellow


Of several types of Sanchezia, this plant look very elegant and charming. The taper and shiny ends of the leaves make this plant took exotic for tropical plants. Beautiful leaves mixed with yellow and black have a boundary that is only in the middle of the leaf. The elegant shiny black color forms like a very charming fish fin with a combination of the basic color of yellow leaves.

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