7 Best Types Of Lilies | Garden Lily Variety Names


Helloshabby.com -- Lilies become one of the popular flowers in the summer. This flower also shows the beauty of a garden and becomes a source of inspiration for many people. Lily flowers have a strong fragrant aroma and the shape is beautiful. 

If you are interested in planting it, here are 7 best types of lilies | Garden Lily variety names to choose from!

 1. Stargazer Lily

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The first type of lilies is Stargazer Lily. This flower has a charming bright pink color. This plant you can take good care of in the sun.

 2. Casablanca Lily


The second lilies are a type of Casablanca. It has flower petals with beautiful white color. It is often used as a decoration of wedding events. Treatment of this plant is also easy, make sure to get enough sunlight supply.

3. White Ginger Lily


White ginger lily has a full white flower with a model of petals like a beautiful butterfly. Suitable for beautifying your mini garden.

4. Pollyanna


Pollyanna's lilies grow in the summer. It has a cheerful yellow with refreshing orange accents. Some middle dots also beautify the look.

5. Grand Cru


The next type of lilies recommendation is Grand Cru. Having stunning yellow petals and red pistil makes an elegant impression. Suitable for you to plant at home.

6. Rosella's Dream 


The combination of soft pink and white makes Rosella's dream flowers look more stunning. This lilies are a reflection of the dream flower.

7. Black Spider


The last type of Lily is the black Spider. This flower has a unique color between ivory white and a charming dark purple color in the middle. This can be a color in your garden.

These are the 7 best types of lilies that can inspire you. From the type above, which is your favorite?


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