7 Best Types of Lilies | Garden Lily Variety Names

7 Best Types of Lilies | Garden Lily Variety Names

Helloshabby.com -- Lilies are flowers that develop the beauty of the garden. This flower plant is also one of the inspirations of many ornamental flower lovers as the most beautiful plant in the yard. Of the many type of lilies that can beautify your home page can be found on this article. Find out what lilies are suitable to be planted to produce a beautiful and festive yard.

Tiger Lilies


This type of tiger lilies can make you stick with a bright color that stands out. The orange color is covered in dark black and red spots, almost like tiger skin. This plant is a type of lilies that are very strong, easy to grow and odorless. With a flower size of 12 cm when blooming like a trumpet, this flower will ace down with curved petals.


Brunello Lilies


This type of varieties Asiatic hybrid lilies is the most popular flower because it has a multifaceted color crown. One of them Brunello lilies with a beautiful bright orange color. It has a large and shiny flower head. As well as its dark green and more luxurious leaves. The green buds of this flower will form a beautiful bud with a beautiful semi-orange color. 

Big Bang Lilies


Beautiful with six petals facing out, this white hue and burgundy spots become the center of this lilies plant. The stamens and a beautiful pistil head protrude upwards, crowned with a dark bronze anther. Lilies of this variety of Asiatic hybrids can grow about 3-4 feet.


Lily Purple Eye


Beautiful lilies with a distinctive purple color, this purple eye lilies have a mixture in the middle of the circle with a deep purple color. High stamens and flower crowns facing up so look elegant and classy.

 Black Spider Lilies


Lilies, an ornamental flower plant with the name of black spiders, grow to a height of 2-3 feet. This beautiful bright color with an almost thorough blend of black has yellow patches with a plum center studded in the center of the crown. Not only beautiful for the yard of the house, you can plant it in a pot to be placed in the interior of the house. And this is one of the best types of lilies planted.


Black Out Lilies


Black out type lilies that have a dark red color with flowers facing up are very beautiful in the yard, This type of lilies that can grow 60-90 cm has a slender stem with only 4-5 flowers on each stem. The color of the leaves that are dark green becomes a characteristic of these black out lilies. This flower will bloom in early midsummer, so it can be beautiful in your yard.


 Arabian Knight Lilies


This amazing variety has a beautiful color blend of purple and orange. Slightly red spots on this fringe contain the crown looks slimmer and beautiful. One of the best types to fill the yard at home.

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