7 Different Type of Eggplant to Know

7 Different Type of Eggplant to Know


Helloshabby.com -- Eggplant becomes one of the perennial tropical vegetable crops of south and East Asia, such as China and India. Plants that belong to the tomato family live in tropical regions whose temperatures are high with full sun. But this eggplant plant still requires planting evenly for optimal development.

You can plant it in a container or directly in the ground. For eggplant fans, you can bake it in the oven or used as a delicious food.

To know how any type of eggplants, you can see several types of eggplant vegetables below!


 Thai Eggplant


This type of small eggplant is very common in Thailand. It is usually found in purple, white and green. You can cook it by getting rid of the seeds so that the bitter taste is not too strong. Beside being suitable for cooking, you can make this eggplant vegetable as a dish.


Indian Eggplant


It is commonly called baby eggplant because of its small size. This eggplant has an adorable shape and resembles wine or cherries. Dark color, currency red and round shape is very characteristic. Generally this eggplant is used for Indian dishes such as curry.

Ping Tung Eggplant


One type of eggplant has a unique shape that is longer. Soft and sweet meat is perfect for serving with salt and olive oil. Eggplant comes from Taiwan is very tasty when served with the roasted.


Little Green Eggplant



This one eggplant has a round, plum shape with a pale green color. Once cooked, you can enjoy this eggplant with a softer texture and a very light taste.


White Eggplant



From several varieties of eggplant with purple color, you can also find eggplant with white color that has similarities. This white eggplant has a fairly strong bitter taste and can intensely settle on the tongue. Usually, middle eastern people will make dips such as Baba Ghanoush using this eggplant.


Graffiti Eggplant


This graffiti eggplant can also be called a zebra eggplant. Because it has a fine line with white and purple spots. You can cook is without being cut. Serve by roasting or stewed.

Fairy Tale Eggplant


As the name implies, this beautiful eggplant fairy tale has beautiful white and purple skin. This eggplant has a soft and sweet meat, is perfect for roasting and takes only a little time when cooking because of its small size.

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