7 Green Living Room Ideas For Refreshing Spaces

Helloshabby.com -- Green bring a cool feel and refreshes eyes. Not only that, the color green also means harmonious peace. Green also has many variants that you can choose according to taste to residential needs.

The use of a green theme becomes an interesting ideas for those of you who want want design of the living room to feel cooler. Here are 7 green living room ideas for refreshing spaces that can inspire you!

1. Tosca green living room


The interior design of the first living room wall uses a refreshing green Tosca combination color. The combination of these two Tosca colors managed to make the living room more lively and spacious. Use the wain scouting technique for a more aesthetic look of living room.


2. Green living room with wooden accents

Carrying the tropical concept, seen from the living room furniture made of environmentally friendly such as wood. A set of wooden table and chairs you can combine with a beautiful green cover pillow. Bring green theme Macrame decorations for a more stunning room look.

3.Aesthetic green living room

@ Rumah Aesthetic

The inspiration of the following green living room is filled with green color that is full of coolness. Starting form the walls to the sofa using an all-green theme. Recommended for your green lovers.

4. Rustic green living room


If previously, the living room was made all green. The ideas of the nest living room uses a green sofa as the focal point of the room. Also present dry flower decorations for beautiful rustic touch.

5. Clean mint green living room


For those of you who want the design of the living room to look clean and full of comfort, you can apply the green theme of mint variations. One variant of this green color can bring a feeling of calm full of taverns.

6. Living room with green army


Green has many color variants that you can choose as needed. The following classic living room chooses the color of the elegant army green wall surface. A darker green color can give the impression of a more modern room.

7. Beautiful living room with jungle green


The last living room ideas uses a variety of jungle green colors that cool typical color of trees. Combine it with bright color sofa for a more cheerful and lively living room.

That's a review of 7 green living room ideas for refreshing spaces that can inspire you. Which design is your favorite?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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