7 Houseplants with Colorful Patterned Foliage

7 Houseplants with Colorful Patterned Foliage


Helloshabby.com --  The right choice of foliage plants can have a big impact on your garden at home. Plants with green leaves have many types of leaves that are very diverse. Starting from the texture, leaf motif to its shape. You can find some ornamental plants with very beautiful leaves can make indoor or outdoor areas more charming. In addition to bringing natural beauty, plant with beautiful motif leaves can provide stunning visuals. 

 Stromanthe Charlie


Beautiful plants with unique leaf motifs this time you can find in stromanthe charlie plants. The shape of the rounded and oblong leaves without the shape of a taper at the end. The surface of the leaves is very beautiful by forming green and white lines mixed into one so that it becomes yellowish.

For optimal result, tropical temperatures are preferred and easy to plant indoors.


Hoya Pubicalyx


Hoya pubicalyx is a flowering plant in the genus Hoya native to the Philippines. You can have this ornamental plant for temperate climates. The distinctive leaf shape is like the leaves of the kettle tree but is larger and has a leaf surface that tends to be decorate with white patches thoroughly.



Anthurium is one of the ornamental plants that are much in demand by various people. This type of ornamental plants has a number of varieties that are quite a lot with the shape of leaves, such as the liver. The color of the deep green leaves makes this plant look luxurious and elegant. Moreover, plus a leaf pattern that is very clearly visible with white color framing the surface of the leaves.

Caladium lindenii 'Magnificum'


There are many types of Caladium. Caladium lindenii 'Magnificum' is one of the cultivars of the species Caladium lindenii. This is distinguished because this plant has more prominent veins on the leaves with a creamy white color. This plant grows from rhizomes and is common to become an ornamental plant.


Begonia Brigade


Next is the begonia plant. You can find many types of this plant, including Begonia Brigade. Typical leaf shape such as spring plants that fall with a slightly red leaf color easily and have white patches and leaf bones that look beautiful with a green color.

Croton Plant


You can choose ornamental plants that have a beautiful leaf shape and motif on it. One of the is Yellow Iceton Croton. The shape of the pointed leaves at the end with a sturdy impression will make the interior of the space more charming. The surface of the leaves that attract dominant yellow is mixed with green color on the bones of the leaves.

Maranta Lemon Lime


Maranta plant is known as prayer plant, because of its ability to open and close its leaves. The plant that are at first glance almost similar to Calathea Luthea has a beautiful leaf surface with motifs that are like paintings of deep green mixed with easy green and a little yellow.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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