7 Incredible Romantic Balcony Ideas


Helloshabby.com -- Your quality time with your loved ones at night will be perfect with a charming blend of lighting. In two-story house or apartments, usually have a balcony as a place to relax. But frequently the balcony area is left empty. Even though, with beautiful decoration you can turn the balcony into the most beautiful and romantic place.

Here are 7 incredible romantic balcony ideas that you use as a reference at home!

Small but romantic balcony


It's not hard to make a small balcony feel more romantic. You just need to use a series of lights to create a dramatic atmosphere. Choose a warm white light for a more homey balcony. Some ornamental plants also become a sweetener of the room.

Tropical concept balcony idea

The balcony area can be a fun family gathering place. Wooden chairs and charming floral pillows managed to make the balcony garden look so beautiful. More over, coupled with some colorful cushions, make maximum garden comfort. 

Cool Romantic Balcony


A pair of chairs and one coffee table compete the romantic atmosphere of your balcony garden. Use green grass as a base for a fresher look. While some green plants managed to make the apartment balcony cooler.

Classic-style balcony


The use of wooden furniture such as tables, chairs, and wall layers makes the balcony atmosphere so cozy. While the series of lights also beautify, the appearance of the balcony becomes more aesthetic. The placement of padded also makes you feel at home and do not want to leave the house.

Bohemian-style balcony


Bohemian-style interiors are synonymous with bright colors and beautiful ethnic motifs. Some furniture such as hammocks and wicker chairs reinforce the impression of a Bohemian style of full of comfort.

Beautiful balcony with lanterns


Romantic nuances you can present with decoration of a pair charming lanterns. If there is still room left, place a rattan chair complete with some beautiful plant decorations. That way, your quality time with your family will be full of happiness.

Charming balcony with swings


The presence of the swing becomes the main focal point on the last balcony garden. You can spend your morning enjoying a cool green garden. While the use of Tosca colors managed to make the balcony look brighter and relieved.

That's 7 incredible romantic balcony ideas that you can apply at home. Which design is your favorite?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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