Get to Know Ginger Lily | Lily that isn't a True Lily -- Have you ever seen this flower? This flower is called ginger lily (Hedychium coronarium). Other common names are fragrant garland flower, white butterfly ginger lily, white ginger, and so on. Uniquely, ginger lily isn't a true lily. Ginger lily is a perennial flowering plant, a member of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae). 

You can plant it in your garden to give an exotic, tropical vibe. Additionally, this flower has a sweet scent that makes it even more special. But, before you plant it you have to Get to Know Ginger Lily | Lily that isn't a True Lily.

Physical description


Look at these stunning ginger lilies! The leaves are green or dark green above, with red or bluish underneath. The leaves have a wide shape like a sword. It has some colorful flowers, such as orange, yellow, pink and white petals.  Each species has a varying flower size, but each flower certainly has a deep spicy aroma. When the flower blooms, it gives a glorious late summer show. 

Region info for Ginger Lily


Ginger lily is a type of plant that grow in marginal rainforest in tropical Asian. Some part of the world is widely cultivated the flower as an ornamental plant. Even so, the Hedychium ginger lily plant should not be grown in Brazil, New Zealand, Hawaii, Queensland and some other regions. Because it can increase the risk of becoming a pest.

Habitat for Ginger Lily


Ginger lily plants will thrive in partial shade, on soils that have good drainage and damp. This plant also tolerate full sun in most soil. Just make sure the rhizome is not on muddy soil, so it does not rot. 

Plant care of ginger lilies 


Ginger lily is a plant that like moist soil. You may have to water it several times in a week in hot weather. Don't forget to feed ginger lilies with a balanced fertilizer on a weekly basis. 

Ginger Lily has mind-blowing fragrance


This flower has mind-blowing fragrance. The white ginger flower is also called as butterfly ginger lily.  When blooming, this white lily reminds you of the wings of a butterfly. The flowers bloom in the evening, mainly in summer-late summer months. 

The use of ginger lily flowers:

1. Summer flower arrangement


You can cut the stems of pink ginger lily flowers that bloom and bring them indoor. It looks so good in a glass vase like this one above. The flower scent is strong enough to scent a room for up to a week. 

2. As natural entryways


Welcome yourself and your friend with these natural beauties. You can plant the ginger lily on the right and left side of your path. It will give you a fresh and calming vibe to yourself. 

That's all for Get to Know Ginger Lily | Lily that isn't a True Lily. Hopefully some ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about ginger lilies. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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