7 Modern Living Room Designs with Pink Sofa

Helloshabby.com -- In modern interior design, the color pink has its specialties. Pink provides a splash of color that makes a room more special. Pink also has a calming effect. It is synonymous with tenderness, kindness, and affection. Don't be surprised if you can find  pink in modern interior design and make you feel happy. 

The best way to incorporate pink color to the living room is choosing a pink sofa on it. Pink sofa will give a clear statement about the theme of your living room concept. So, if you need more ideas of living room with pink sofa, keep reading for 7 Modern Living Room Designs with Pink Sofa

Pastel Living Room Design with Pink Sofa


Pink is also included in the soft pastel color palette. You can put a pink sofa with fresh green tropical leaf patterns. The combination of a pink sofa with green accents in it, gives the living room a look that is not so childish, but it still looks sweet, soft and elegant. 

Thematic Living Room with Pink Hello Kitty Sofa


The design of a living room that is dedicated to our favorite character will definitely feel fun. A pink sofa from leather material will fit perfectly in this living room. The backrest of the sofa is made in the form of Hello Kitty-head that looks so adorable. 

Elegant pastel pink sofa


You can find a warm atmosphere with pink. Just try to adapt this modern living room for your home. The sofa has a more pastel color with pink as dominant color. This sofa makes the living room looks attractive and not monotonous. Various color on the sofa will also work as point of interest on this living room.

Simple but stylish pink sofa


The pink color doesn't have to be synonymous with childish style. This modern living room with pink sofa look so slick and stylish. Other decorations such as cushions and flower wall decorations in white color create a classy atmosphere that feel so cozy. 

Modern Black and Pink Living Room Design


A deep black wall goes well with a pink sofa. The pink sofa adds a splash of color that catches our attention. The dark wall color and black items provide a cool complement to balance the pink. Wooden floors and white ceiling keep the vibrant of natural and modern style in one living room.

Pink Sorbet Sofa for Summery Living Room


Liven up your beach daydream with this modern and pink living room. The color of the walls is matched with a velvet sofa in a fresh and bright pink sorbet. The pink walls are filled with hanging picture in a contemporary style with colors that collide with the pink ones. Likewise, a sofa filled with cushions in colors that are not the same as the sofa. That way, the living room won't look monotonous. 

Pink Sofa in Neural Wall Color 

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A pink sofa will help to enliven the living room atmosphere. It will look nice with white walls and brownish color to tone down the pink. Complete with matching pink decorations, such as pink cushions, pink vase and flowers, and more. That way, a pink sofa won't look out of the place. 

That's all for 7 Modern Living Room Designs with Pink Sofa. Hopefully, you get inspired to update the look of your living room with a pink sofa. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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