7 Glorious Indoor Bonsai Pictures


Helloshabby.com -- There are various types of plants that you an use for home decors. One of the popular indoor plants is the bonsai. Growing Bonsai at home can bring positive energy and provide a peaceful that calms the soul.

If you are interested in growing bonsai at home, let's first check out the 7 glorious indoor bonsai pictures below that can inspire you!

1. Bonsai Adenium


 Adenium bonsai, have charming pink and white flowers. The presence of this plant in the room, will bring a happier home atmosphere.

 2. Bonsai Bougainville


Bougainville's flowers are one type of plant that is widely grown in the tropics. Having a flower color with purplish shades can make the look of the house become more beautiful.

 3. Bonsai Azaleas

The plant with Latin name Rhododendron Indicum has an alluring pink flower. You can make the living room decorations beautiful.

4. Bonsai wisteria


The next has a flower petals with a stunning purple color. For treatment, you can change the planting media regularly. Suitable for decorating your room.

5.Ficus Benjamina bonsai


This plant is popular and widely used as home decors. This bonsai is long-lived and has good adaptability in its environment.

6. Shohin Bonsai


Not only beautiful, this bonsai has a green color that refreshes the eyes. The shape of the trunk is also unique and can make the appearance of the room more aesthetic.

7. Shohin Bonsai


This tree is suitable as a bonsai because it has a strong trunk structure, so it is not easily broken. This bonsai is also popular for its easy manufacture and care.

That's 7 glorious indoor bonsai pictures that can inspire you. From the bonsai type above, which is your favorite? I hope you information above is useful for you. Thank you.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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