7 Simple Garden Designs for Lazy, Forgetful and Busy Gardeners

Helloshabby.com -- When life gets hard, or heavy busy work comes, there are times when you don't have enough time to care for your garden. Making a beautiful and refreshing garden space is hard to realize. But, if you want to destroy it, you only need a minute. For example, when you forget to water your plants and make the plants die, or any other reasons. 

To avoid bad circumstance to your garden, it is better to design a simple garden that easy to care for, even if you laze, forget and busy to maintain it. So, here are we've rounded up 7 Simple Garden Designs for Lazy, Forgetful and Busy Gardeners

A simple dry garden design


A simple and dry garden design is perfect for lazy, forgetful and busy gardener. When you forget to take care of your garden, the dry garden will not immediately look bad. Just spread the gravel over infiltration soil, so when it rains, a bed of gravel won't look flooded. A bed of gravel also becomes the center of this kind of garden. It is easy to make and easy to care. When you install a pack of LED light around the garden, this garden will look so exotic, cozy and feel warm.

Front yard garden design with artificial grass


Some of us might be still thinking that a garden is incomplete without grass. The grass indeed give a fresh and green feeling to the open space. If you want to present a front yard garden that practical and using green grasses, you can adopt this kind of garden design for your home.

The garden use artificial grasses that install around the front yard. Using artificial grasses make you don't need to trim out the wild grasses or the grasses that grow too high. Complete the garden design by creating sold garden trail that also create a shape in this garden. 

Self-watering container garden


When you go on long vacation and must leave your garden behind. Don't be worry anymore. You can invest in self-watering Aqua Pots. Some this kind of container with self-watering aqua pots go full week before needing to be refilled. A self-watering container garden will make you relieved when you have to go on long vacation. 

Cactus Oasis


If you are one of forgetful and busy gardener, we suggest you to choose a garden design with low-maintenance plants. For example, planting cactus in your small garden space. Cacti are easy to treat. Usually, cactus plants will need watering every 7 to 10 days for optimal growth. Even you really forget or laze to water it, it won't die so easily. It is also so good to plant cactus in outdoor space with enough natural light. 

Another a gravel garden bed design


We highly recommend this garden design for those of you who want an easy and simple garden design. You don't need a large space to create one. Just a small outdoor space is enough. The gravel-garden bed create a unique visual and vibe into the outdoor space. You can combine it by making permanent benches with white finishing as seating. Enliven the garden with easy and low-maintenance plants such as snake plants and cactus plants.

Easy container garden arrangement


Container gardens are one of the best options for creating a focal point in your outdoor space.  You can make it a charming entryway and as backyard highlight that look so beautiful. If you want to have a container garden, make it simple with easy setup. You just need to arrange flowers that easy to grow, care for and easy to bloom even in container medium. 

Backyard garden with pergola 


Another options, you can create a backyard garden with pergola on it. A pergola can be used as seating to gather in the backyard garden. Make the pergola look more beautiful by setting up climbing plants for your pergola. You can choose bougainvillea flowers that can grow trail and bloom on top of your pergola roof. Moreover, this flower is also easy to take care, and in Feng Shui term, this flower is believed to bring good luck to the homeowner. 

Hopefully those 7 Simple Garden Designs for Lazy, Forgetful and Busy Gardeners  is useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about garden design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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