7 Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas That Maximize Space


Helloshabby.com -- Arrangement of furniture in a small living room becomes a challenge for you But who would have thought, a small living room is easier to decorate to look more beautiful. The main point, you can choose living room furniture that suits the size of the available room. Do not use too much because it will only make the living room narrow.

Here are 7 small living room furniture arrangement ideas that maximize space that can inspire you!


 1. Living room with gray sofa


If you usually use a sofa with a capacity of 4 people, you can replace it with a single sofa so that the room looks bigger. The use of a small sofa will not take up a lot of room space. Choose a gray color for a more relieved impression.

 2. Living room with partition


The concept of an open plan is often used to make a small living room look more spacious. With a partition that borders between the living room and family room gives you more privacy. Use partitions with cabinet and rack features to maximize storage.

 3. Living room with minimalist furniture

There are many ways to get around the size of a small living room. One of them you can choose leggy sofa furniture, avoid choosing a box model living table because it will give the impression of the living room looking full. You can replace it with a round coffee table to maximize space.

 4. Living room as TV room

The following living room design is functioned as well as a TV room. In addition to helping you to maximize each room, both activities can run side by side. Combine it with warm white lighting dor a more home living room.

5. Living room as TV room

So that the small living room looks wider, you can get around it by using neutral colors. You can choose the color of the gray walls, while for furniture use white for an elegant look.

6. Living room with neat arrangement

The design of a beautiful and neatly arranged will certainly provide maximum comfort for your guests who come. You can put dry flower decorations near the sofa for a more beautiful look.

Living room with natural lighting


An element that you should not miss when designing a small living room is good lighting. The presence of larger windows allows natural light to enter to the maximum in the living room. So that the room also looks wider.

That's a review of 7 small living room furniture arrangement ideas that maximize space that can inspire you. Which design is your favorite?

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