7 Creative DIY Strawberry Planters


7 Creative DIY Strawberry Planters

Helloshabby.com -- It seems like everyone sweet strawberries in the summer. Moreover, you grow it yourself in the garden in an organic way. Fresh taste and pleasure you can enjoy directly without having to clean it with cleaning ingredients before eating it.

There are many ways to easily grow strawberries at home. Besides just in the container alone, you try new ways that are easy and look unique. Here is an idea to grow strawberries that can work well around your home.


Strawberry plants with many potholes


Strawberry planting in this pot you can try. Take advantage of plastic pots that can be perforated in some areas with high models and look vertical. Although it looks impossible, you can provide special care so that this plant quickly bears fruit by paying attention regularly.


Strawberry plant in paving area


If seen, most people will plant strawberries in a pot or in a container that only fits one plant. But this time you can try a unique idea that uses the paving area. You can open a line of paving thoroughly from corner to corner, with planting distance between strawberry that is not too tight. This strawberry planting makes it very easy for you during the fertilization and watering process.


Strawberry tower with clay pot


The stacking system of the tower that you can try has its own advantages. Not only is the pot natural from clay, you can choose a sturdy pot for a fresh start. Prepare several strawberry plants seeds, you can arrange when to put it in the pot.

With a stacking system like this, you can also save water when doing water. Effectively and produce a great strawberry.


Vertical strawberries with wood panels


To give you the most creative ideas, you can see this one way. Very potential to be used as an example, you can take some wood panels and arrange vertical models with several levels.

Strawberry plants can also be selected in different types, from the first level to the lowest level.


Unique idea with rattan containers


The idea this time was truly amazing. The easiest idea that you can try at home without having to spend a lot of budgets.

Planting using rattan containers is one of the best plans for growing strawberries at home. You can plant is easily, and you can just put it on the floor. But be sure to give it the best care so that the fruit you can enjoy throughout the summer.

Best idea to plant strawberry with cups


The next idea you can try yourself at home is with this empty cup. Small size with a unique strawberry painting for you, try to make a decorative windowsill plant. Make sure to plant it periodically from seeds, shoots to grow seeds that are ready to be moved. Make sure when moving this plant you do not damage the roots.

Hanging strawberry plant


At the same time, to beautify the house, strawberry plants by hanging this way you can try. You do not need too many tools, you just hook it on the fence of the house or around the window of the room. Be sure to choose a pot that is medium sot that when this strawberry is fruiting you can see it coming out of the pot and hanging like this.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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