7 Types of Caladium Plants (With Pictures)

7 Types of Caladium Plants (With Pictures)

Helloshabby.com -- Caladium plant is an amazing tropical plant with heart-shaped leaves and has a very diverse color. Caladium varieties are very attractive with leaves as diverse as red, green, pink and white. The surface of the leaves in the Caladium plant also varies greatly with the dominant leaf color. This Caladium plant grows at the end of a long stem that grows directly form the Caladium bulbs. If you are interested in having this Caladium, you can see some very spectaculer ones below:

 Caladium bicolor 'Thai Beauty'


Caladium biclor 'Thai Beuaty' is a Caladium leaf rope with pink leaves mixed with squaring greens. This plants looks beautiful with green veins that are usually white. The leaves that from the heart and tapered at this end look like intricate tissue patterns painted by hand. These variegated leaves are perennial ornamental plants that you can plant with a mixture of loose and porous soil.

Caladium Miss Muffet


Caladium 'Miss Muffet' is a tropical plant has heart-shaped green leaves with a splash of dark pink. This plant is one of the small Caladium and can grow about 30 cm tall smaller leaf stems and shorts stems.

If you want to plant this Caladium, you can place it in a shady location with moderate sunlight.

Caladium White Queen


Caladium 'White Queen' has large white leaves with green margins and red veins. Caladium leaves are amazing for the type of tropical plants that can be placed indoors. This plant reaches 45-6 cm high and is easy to grow. You can plant it in the shade, but this plant can not tolerate the scorching sun directly.

Caladium Shycool


Caladium shycool is one of the popular tropical ornamental plants among ornamental plant lovers. This plant is commonly known as spilled paint. It has its own uniqueness on the surface of the leaves, whose red color is not thorough. Still with the typical green and white leaf color in the middle, the leaf bones are very clearly visible framing the surface of the leaf.

Caladium White Christmas (Candidum)


Caladium white Christmas has bright white leaves with red variety patterned with dark green veins on the edges. This plant can grow about 23-34 inches tall, with a very low tolerance to the sun.

Strawberry Star Caladium


Caladium bicolor 'Strawberry Star' is a beuatiful ornamental plant with a transparent color of creamy white leaves. The veins of the smooth dark spider and the red color spots of this strawberry become one of the characteristics of this plant. This bright and attractive Caladium leaf can give a bright effect indoors. Growing about 45 cm tall, this plant is very slender and can rarely grow in partial shade and water often to keep the soil moist.


Pink Caladium



Caladium pink is interesting from the shape of the leaves to their color. The shape of the heart leaves with this pointed end leaves an exotic look for beautiful tropical plants. The attractive surface surface of the leaves is divide with green, white and pink colors all over the surface of the leaves.  

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