7 Varieties of Beautifully Patterned Croton Plants

7 Varieties of Beautifully Patterned Croton Plants

Helloshabby.com -- Croton is one of the ornamental plants that have a variety of darn leaf shape. Starting from the color green, yellow, orange red and purple. This ornamental plants are suitable if near a window that is abundant in sunlight. Because this plant need s enough sunlight to thrive. If you are interested in filling the interior or yard with this croton plant, check out 7 Varieties of croton plants that are beautifully patterned.

 Superstar Croton


This superstar croton has bright-green leaves with thorough yellow spots on the surface of the leaves. This glossy deep green color and yellow spots make him like a superstar. A plant that can grow 3-5 feet will grow well in full sun. Avoid excess watering time so that it is not easily rotten and dead.


Oakleaf Croton


Oak leaf is the scientific name of the plant commonly known as croton. The shape of the leaves that are narrowed and tipped like a tie has a variety of colors and patterns. Leaf color with shades of burgundy, red, green, orange and yellow. This plant requires sufficient watering but not excess so that the roost do not rot. This plant also needs enough sun so that the color of the leaves remains beautiful.

Croton Gold Dust


Known as the sun-spot croton plant, this plant has a bright-green oval leaf shape with golden yellow spots. Plants that need indirect sun exposure can be placed in the interior or exterior of the house. Keep it away from the harsh afternoon sun to keep this plant durable. 

Croton Sunny Star


This sunny star has a large elliptical light green leaf. The shape of the leaves that are almost similar to this croton superstar has a slightly pointed tip. The yellow color on the leaves does not look through on each leaf, but only a few leaves. Plants that can be up to 4-6 feet tall can receive maximum morning and evening light.


Banana croton


The following croton ornamental plant that is similar to gold star has taper leaves with leaves of light green to old color that are striking yellow veins. This plant like high solar intensity and moderate irrigation.

Croton Mammy


Croton which has slightly curly oblong leaves has a gradation of red, dark red, purple, green and yellow. For those of you who live in the cold, just put in the house. Because this plant is not suitable for freezing air.

Croton Petra

Plants originating from Southeast Asia are easy to grow in tropical climates. Croton Petra which has leaves of yellow, green, orange and bronze to burgundy looks very beautiful. This plant will grow large as an adult, you should provide a large pot so that its growth can be optimal.

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