Big Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms -- The disadvantage of a small bedroom is the least storage space that can be placed on it. We need to be smarter and creative in arranging storage for small bedroom. Fortunately, there are tons of ideas to maximize storage in a small and minimalist room. You can use every empty corner as storage or simply buy a versatile storage for small bedroom. 

For those of you who're struggling to arrange the storage for small bedroom, we've rounded up Big Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Under-bed storage ideas


The bed is something that should be in the bedroom. Make use of the under-bed space as additional storage. You can choose a bed that has cabinets at the bottom. Or simply, you can store special shelves for storage of your belonging under the bed. This way, each remaining space is fully functional for storage. 

Use a versatile clothing rack


Try a versatile clothing rack for your small bedroom. This versatile rack is completed with a clothing rod to hang some clothes, jackets or sweaters. Below it, there are open shelves to put some of your favorite items and shoes on. One rack for many uses is perfect for small rooms.

Replace high closet with short elongated cabinets


Look at the design of the bedroom above! Imagine if it used a high cupboard in a corner or somewhere else. This small bedroom will look stuffy and crowded. Instead of cupboard, the owner uses a short, elongated cabinet for large storage. On it there is still an empty-space to put displays or other items. This elongated cabinet model is practical, but make sure you fold your clothes or arranged your stuff neatly. 

Install floating shelves on the walls


The child's bedroom should also be supported with adequate storage. You can create a mini library in it, even with just a storage. Try to install floating shelves that work as book holders. Three arrangements of floating shelves allow you to display more books. This way, the kid's bedroom will also look so adorable. Who knows, your child's interest in reading will get higher with the right arrangement and storage of the room. 

Practical storage for children's toys 


Still around a small kid's bedroom, use storage that is practical and also attractive for them. You can choose a storage rack in the form of a mini truck toy like this. This shelf is not only cute, but also equipped with containers to store children's clothes and their toys. 

Use vertical space


An inexpensive and easy storage idea is to use vertical space. Whether you use a vertical wall or use a hanging clothes rack like this. This clothes rack is perfect for hanging clothes that can't be folded. Moreover, you can get this clothing rack in affordable prices. 

Hopefully those Big Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about storage ideas for small bedroom. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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