7 Great Tips For Starting A Kitchen Garden Every Beginner Should Know


Helloshabby.com -- Growing fresh fruits, vegetables, or herbs for the first time? Use this guide to help you create a kitchen garden in a minimalist home that can be filled with healthy vegetables and fruits. The hobby of gardening does not have to be on a large land. Even in a tight place, you can use it for comfortable gardening.

Let's first look at 7 great tips for starting a kitchen garden every beginner should know that you can directly apply at home!

1. Growing broccoli on a box

Don't ever think gardening should require a large area of land. You can follow it by using a functional box to grow broccoli vegetables. In order for broccoli plants to grow well, it is necessary to do the ranging from fertilization to regular watering.

2. Planting mustard on used bottles

After seeing this review, you can use your used bottle as a means of growing your favorite mustard vegetables. Besides being more economical because it does not require new pots, it also helps recycle waste.

3. Choosing plants that suit the environmental circumstances


Not all plants are suitable for planting in out environment. Well, you can choose plants that are in accordance with the climate and environmental conditions. This is to reduce the risk of the plant dying when it will be moved.

4. Using the vertical garden concept


Gardening does not have to in a large area, one way to get around it is to use the concept of vertical garden. You can use the wall area to grow a variety of your favorite vegetables. The area around the fence can also be used to grow plants.

5. Gardening on the balcony


Use the balcony area as a functional gardening place. You can grow a variety of organic vegetables on poly bags. Then you can put in on the box in order. This is so that the vegetables ore organized and neat.

6.Mini garden near the kitchen

There are many ways to get around the size of the narrow land. The following mini garden is made simple, located near the kitchen. You can use a basin to grow vegetables, as in the picture. So after picking it you can directly cook in the kitchen.

7. Watering it regularly


The last tip is to water it regularly so that the plant grows fertile. Do not forget to give fertilizer according to the type of plant you have.

Those are some tips that you can do when you are going to start gardening at home. Hopefully, the review is useful and can be the best reference for you.

 Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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