Refreshing Cheap Ways to Update a Small Living Room -- Updating a living room doesn't have to bring anything new into it. You can make the most of what's already in the living room. Just do fresh and cheap ways to give a new and refreshing look in your small living room. Even if you want to add something new for your living room, look at your budget first. It's okay to, buy something cheap but it looks good with your room. 

So, here are, we've rounded up Refreshing Cheap Ways to Update a Small Living Room, specially for you. 

Rearrange Your Furniture

Rearranging furniture is the best (and cheap) way to give new visuals to your living room. Choose a furniture arrangement that is contrary to the previous living room furniture arrangement. That way, you'll have a fresh appearance and new vibe in the living room. 

Change soft furnishings color

If you have soft furnishings of different colors and textures, try to replace them regularly. For example, replace pillowcases and curtains with pink or any other color. In this living room, the combination of a gray sofa and soft tone walls, makes the pink things stand out even more. 

Accents Chairs or Sofas

Accent chairs bring out the new look and feel that you want to bring to your living room. Try to add cushions with pillowcases that match the concept of the room. Give a throw with same pattern and color, so your small living room look harmonious. You may not be able to change the look of the entire room, but accent chairs will bring a chic and more thematic visual.

Add a mirror

Mirrors are a versatile thing in a small living room. It can be useful as decoration that beautifies the living room. It can also work to give a spacious and airy impression to the living room. You can even touch up in the living room, when you place a mirror on the wall. 

Beautify your walls

Don't let the living room wall look so empty. Use the walls to display your favorite wall decor. You can put a unique floating shelves to put your DIY craft and any decoration. You can also display decorative frames that enhance the appearance of your small living room. 

That's all Refreshing Cheap Ways to Update a Small Living Room. Even with cheap things and cheap ways, your small living room will look better. Hopefully, you get inspired from the review above. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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