Yellow Living Room Ideas: 7 Gorgeous Sunshine Schemes -- Yellow is a happy color. Yellow can make a room look bright and colorful. It also gives positive energy and cheerfulness in the room. But, be careful too much yellow element can create feeling of frustration and anger. 

We hope you don't miss a step in creating a balanced and comfortable yellow living room. For that, you can take a look at ideas of Yellow Living Room Ideas: 7 Gorgeous Sunshine Schemes. Those sunshine schemes will brighten up and color up a dull living room. 

A Honey-Scheme Living Room


Honey is sweet as well as this honey-yellow living room. The brown sofa with yellow throw and yellowish cushions work together to create a great contrast that easy on the eyes, while still keeping it looks interesting. In this living room, the walls get a bit of yellow treatment, by using white wallpaper in yellow flower patterns. Some nature-like decoration in green and yellow color provide a fresh and bright look in this living room.

Sweet Color Scheme Living Room 


This lovely living room combine sunshine yellow schemes with open window to capture fresh breezes and bright natural light. The rug gets extra attention with its colorful color in pink, blue, and purple colors. This beautiful rug provides a sweet and warm feeling into the living room. Making you always happy to be here.

Yellow Accent in Tiny Living Room


A small living room get better with yellow accents. A yellow chair, yellow cushions to yellow curtain add a splash of color to this living room. A deep orange color is incorporated to give a richer and less soft look. The white ceiling act as color connector and color balancer that make it looks perfect. 

Bright Yellow Scheme in Soft Furnishings


Incorporating yellow in soft furnishings is a nice to-do. Those yellow furnishings will work as an accent that brightens the room. You can choose yellow curtains patterned in yellow. A yellow sofa for a more cheerful living room vibe. Install a white soft curtain as sun blocker, so the living room won't look too dazzling. 

Butterscotch sofa and peach wall


A butterscotch sectional sofa adds a punch of color to the room. It pairs well with the peach wall that makes the living room less-yellowish. The bold yellow-black stripes rug add a dynamic but harmonious look into the living room. 

Yellow and Neutral schemes


It's no wonder that yellow and neutrals work well together. This sofa with black pads gives the impression of a not-too-yellow living room. Walls with yellowish patterned wallpaper also beautify the room without making it too overwhelming. The floor is left white as a color neutralizer. 

Yellow Furniture and Green Decoration


Don't go overboard with yellow! Just two single sofas, white-yellow table and yellow cushions are enough. Those things will make this living room look better and easy on the eyes. You can liven up the living room by placing some indoor plants on the walls or on the corner of the living room. A yellow but fresh living room, who'll resist it?

Hopefully those Yellow Living Room Ideas: 7 Gorgeous Sunshine Schemes are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about yellow living room ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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