10 Best Types of Coleus Varieties (with Names and Pictures)

Helloshabby.com -- Are you familiar enough with the coleus plant? If not, it's time for you to get to know this beautiful plant. This plant is worth keeping at home. The leaves of the coleus plant are very unique, filled with various patterns and colors. The beautiful pattern appears from the tip, middle or the sides of the leaf. The color is also quite striking, perfect as a home decor. 

Fore more details and pictures of the coleus plant, take a look at these 10 Best Types of Coleus Varieties (with Names and Pictures).

1. Premium Sun Crimson Gold


There are almost more than 100 types of coleus plants. But you can't miss this Premium Sun Crimson type. This plant is one of the most popular of all types. It is crimson gold and can grow from 18-20 inches tall. This plant is also easy to grow in pots or container. This Premium Sun Crimson Coleus will remain conspicuous for months.

2. Kong Series Coleus


Coleus kong series is really great. They can grow like bushes, even in pots. The kong coleus series has leaf patterns that can be different one to another. Like the plant above. It is fast-growing, green leaves with a faded pink hue-edged. This type of plant love filtered shade, the hot sun can burn their leaves.

3. Coleus Lovebird


Coleus lovebird (scutellarioides) is an eye-catching plant bun with tiny fingertip leaves in red and yellowish edges. It looks so beautiful as houseplants or fairy garden. They like well-drained soil with light exposure from part to full shade. Water with average or moderate intensity to avoid rotting of the plant. 

4. Coleus Wizard Scarlet


Coleus wizard has many variants of the result of crossbreeding. Each type is named according to the color of the leaves. Like the coleus wizard scarlet, which has deep red leaves (sometimes with striking greenish veins). You can try to expose the plant to morning and afternoon sun, water it 2x a day of you live in the tropical zone. 

5. Coleus 'China Rose'


Coleus China Rose has serrated leaves in burgundy color with a vibrant splash of pink in the center. Shorter varieties can be grown in small pots like these. The plant loves partial shade. It will grow well in moist and free draining soil condition. This plant also prefer occasional watering.  

6. Rainbow Coleus


A multicolor rainbow leaves make this plant look so unique. These colors are yellow, green, purple, brown, red, to blackish gray. There are also various type of rainbow coleus, such as superfine volcano, rainbow color pride, multicolor, and festive dance. The leaves are large with pointed edges like serrations. 

7. Flame Thrower Coleus


The leaves are vibrant in orange with contrasting green at the edges, giving the container and garden a beautiful texture and patterns. As the name implies, this coleus gives it the appearance of a beautiful fire thrower in the garden. 

8. Wildfire Blaze Coleus


Coleus is a plant that has many varieties that differ in each color and leaf pattern. However, most of them have a very striking color, like this wildfire blaze coleus. The burgundy leaves with yellowish edges, giving sparks like a beautiful blazing fire. 

9. Watermelon Coleus


The leaf pattern of this plant will definitely remind you of a fresh watermelon. It can grow from 16-20 inches. They love sun, the more direct sunlight, the riches its color will be. Uniquely, if the 1 leaf drops, you'll get 3 grows back. 

10. Kiwi Fern Coleus


Kiwi fern coleus leaves look more distinct than other coleus varieties. The leaves are finger-like with serrated edges. It is a low maintenance plant. Its unique shape can bring beauty and fine texture even to small-space gardens. They like a warm climate and partial shade. 

That's all for 10 Best Types of Coleus Varieties (with Names and Pictures). Coleus has different name in each area. Some call it as miana and more. So, if you already have some types of coleus varieties, what are those? Share your coleus with us by commenting in our Facebook Fan page.

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