7 Beautiful Desk Plants To Liven Up Your Office

Helloshabby.com -- An office desk that is too empty and stiff can make you feel even more depressed at work. For that, you need to put your favorite decorations that will make you less depressed while working. 

Coping with stress during work in the office can also be done by placing desk plants. Interacting with houseplant at the desk can overcome the stress. Literally, the word of 'interacting' doesn't mean talking to plants. When boredom hits you, occasionally seeing desk plants can give you freshness. If you want to know some desk plants for your office, here are 7 Beautiful Desk Plants To Liven Up Your Office.

1. Air plant in the crystal


Air plants are one of the neatest-plant. They don't require soil to live. Air plant has trichomes to absorb nutrients and moisture released by dust in the air. When you are placed them on a piece of crystal like this, you'll have a dreamy desk plant that make your office so lively. If you are lucky enough, these air plants will bloom out the beautiful flowers.

2. Pothos for water propagation


This water propagation station is ready to accompany your busy work at the desk. The compact and minimalist design will make your desk more enjoyable. In a tube filled with clean water, you can put the pothos plant cutting. Wait 2-3 weeks, and it will take root and thrive. 

3. Pink succulent (Crasulla capitela) 


The work desk is certainly limited. You can't put  big and leafy plants on the desk. For that, the choice of small plants such as succulents is the right option. You can put a pink succulent (Crasulla capitella) on your desk. The pinkish color will refresh you while working. These succulents are also easy to care for on your desk. 

4. Peperomia prostrata


This small, fleshy-leaved plant will brighten up your days. Especially if you put it in an adorable little pot. Peperomia is a plant that is easy to care for. You don't need frequent watering, if the topsoil starts to dry, it can be watered. Even so, if you take a sabbatical, don't forget them. Take it home or leave it with your colleagues. 

5. Peace lily on the pot


Peace lily on the desk work well together. It can help you more focused while working. They can live in bright, indirect light. It is a perfect plant to liven up a dark room or shady corner. Make sure the pot has a hole in the bottom, so the roots don't rot. 

6. Bubble plant


Bubble plant is a small plant that has dark-green and dense leaves, which remind you of bubbles. This bubble plant with a white container will help soften the office desk. They love indirect sunlight. You can water the plant once a week, just keep the soil still moist.

7. Aloe vera plant


Aloe vera plant is affordable and easy-to-find plant. They grow well, both indoor and outdoor. You can also make aloe vera plant a great companion for your desk. Place them on white classic pot to liven up your office.  Dry them occasionally as the plant need it. 

That's all for 7 Beautiful Desk Plants To Liven Up Your Office. Interested in trying to put ornamental plants on your desk in the office? You can get one at a plant shop near you. 

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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