7 Best Lime Green Living Room Design with Fresh Color Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Green is one of the best colors for a living room. There are many shades of green that are suitable for the living room. Depends on what and how the nuances you want to present. Want the living room to look vintage? You can choose shades of green moss that are perfect for it. 

However, if you want a green living room that feels cool, bright and cheerful, lime green is the right color choice. This color can give a real splash of freshness to the living room. You can also combine it with other decorating ideas, which makes it look stylish and not tacky. 

For more ideas, here are 7 Best Lime Green Living Room Design with Fresh Color Ideas.

Balanced lime green composition


Lime green is a color that easily catches the eye. For that, the application must be precise, so as not to look tacky. You can balance the lime green walls with a white floors and ceilings. Choose some pieces of furniture in dark colors, such as a dark red chair and a black coffee table, that make the room look stylish. The lime green wall is also perfect as background to hang some aesthetic frames on it. 

Incorporating lime green through soft furnishings


Too much lime green color will make the living room boring. You can add lime green only for soft furnishings, such as curtains and sofa cushion covers. Although not much, the lime green color will make the living room look brighter and fresher. 

Lime green walls as living room background


Lime green theme will be clearly through its application in the color of the living room walls. It's okay if you paint the entire living room wall in lime green color. Just make sure you give a touch of neutral color to tone down the impression of excessive lime green. 

Add patterns


If you want to have an all-green living room, from the walls to the color of the furniture, it doesn't matter. However, try to add a touch of pattern or texture to the living room to reduce the impression of monotony. You can try to choose sofa covers in golden flower patterns that seem to contrast with the green color around them. 

Highlight the walls


Highlight the walls by installing wall decorations in colors that are brighter than green walls. You can install a beige backdrop on the green walls. Highlight your love for nature by placing a tree painting at the center of the bright backdrop. This way, your lime green living room won't ever look out of style. 

The perfect combination of lime green and wooden furniture


Lime green is also a color that is related to the nuances of nature. You name it, plant leaves and more. For that, the lime green living room is very suitable combined with wooden furniture. You can put a wooden coffee table, a pair of rattan chairs and a plant holder of rattan. Green and wood will give you a fresh natural ambience. 

Patterned walls and lime green sofa

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Create a dynamic lime green living room. Try to apply unique patterns to the lime green walls, such as checkered pattern with diamond in the middle. The patterned walls look so great with white floating cabinets on it. Make it look more green by choosing a lime green sofa that look brighter and gives you a fresh summer vibe. 

That's all for 7 Best Lime Green Living Room Design with Fresh Color Ideas. What do you think of it? Do you like one or more lime green living room ideas from above? Tell your opinions in our FB comment section!

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