7 Best Plant For Rooftop Gardening


 Helloshabby.com -- Are you looking for the best plants for a rooftop garden? Here are some of the best plant recommendations you can grow well at home. Rooftop is the perfect place to grow plants. Because this area gets maximum supply of sunlight.

What plants you can grow on the rooftop, lets check out the 7 best plants for rooftop gardening that can help you!

 1. Vegetable garden on rooftop


The ideal combination of sunlight, with functional pot facilities, the rooftop area becomes the best place for self-gardening. For you  beginners, you can grow mustard. Mustard includes plants that are easily cultivated at home. To avoid being exposed to direct sunlight, you can add a covering cloth for maximum growth.

2.  Growing tomatoes


 It's still about the vegetables you can grow on the rooftop. Tomatoes are the next vegetables choice. Tomatoes have an easy treatment. You can water tomatoes in the morning. To grow healhty. cut the dried leaves at the bottom of the plant.

3. Boston fern


Boston fern can grow well in tropical climates. This plant can grow well in a shady place of indirect sunlight. They are suitable to be planted in the rooftop area with a roof. Don't forget to water it regurarly.

4. Donkey tail


Donkey tail, which has the scientific name Sedum morganianum became one of the popular plants this year. In addition to being made as an indoor decoration, this plant also beautify rooftop garden. The can grow up to a length of 80-90 cm. This plant you can place on shady rooftop, avoid direct sunlight.

5. Silver dollar


Silver dollar is a houseplant that comes from Africa. The leaves have a beautiful shiny look. The treatment of this plant is also easy. You just need to water it regularly. Place o terracotta pots for an increasingly exotic look.

6. Palm trees


If you have a rooftop with a large space, growing palm trees, you can try at home. Palm trees have a beautiful leaf shape, so it is suitable to decorate the corner of the rooftop. This plant will thrive in the morning sun.

7. Cactus


Cactus is the last plant recommended being grown in the rooftop area. Cacti can survive hot weather. And the treatment is also for you beginners.

There are the 7 best plants for rooftop gardening that can inspire you. Do you have your favorite plant?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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