7 Beautiful Narrow Side Yard Ideas to Inspire You

Helloshabby.com -- A narrow side yard is often to be neglected. It becomes the dead side of the house, make you won't linger there or even walk on there. Nevertheless, even a small, narrow side yard need love.  You can make it a beautiful walking area, or a place to enjoy the sunset in the side yard. 

You can make your yard look presentable. We've gathered 7 Beautiful Narrow Side Yard Ideas to Inspire You. Even it is small and narrow, your side yard will be a special place by applying some of those ideas. 

Plants along narrow side yards


Usually, the narrow side yard is walking access to the backyard. In order not to look empty and boring, you can plant plants along the path. Plants are an easy landscaping idea. They will also make the side yard look more presentable. Choose low-maintenance plants, such as some types of cactus and succulents to be planted on the side yard. 

No more spooky side yard


No more spooky side yard with landscaping ideas like the picture above. Aside from the walkways and small-container flowers gardens, you need to install lighting in the right position. In addition to the ceiling lamps, try installing lights that highlight green grass trails and spotlight the flowers in the garden. You'll get a bright and beautiful narrow side yard, even when the night comes. 

White and green tropical landscaping ideas


Simple but artistic! You can get a simple but aesthetic side yard design, like this one above. The long, narrow and small yard is designed as a long path with sand and solid base. Next to the path, you'll find a permanent and solid box for tropical plants to grow there. The white around the building work together with the green tropical plants that creates such a stunning view. 

Romantic and unique side yard ideas


This romantic and unique side yard can even be created in a small open space. The end of the side yard is used as a place to relax. To get there, you'll step on a path made of stone carved with a love and box shape. The stone path is placed on top of black ground, making it look so contrast and unique. The string lights and spotlights are installed to create such a warm and romantic atmosphere around the side yard

Place container gardens


If you intend to make the side yard as a part of edible garden, it is better to place container gardens there. Wooden container are perfect place for the vegs and fruits. You don't need to worry to your edible plants being steeped on or soiled. Moreover, it gives you a fresh and nice view. 

Rock landscaping ideas


Apart from the arrangement of plants, take advantage of natural elements such as rocks to create a beautiful side yard landscaping. Just lay out the pebbles that stay safe when stepped on. Create an epic contrast with the rocks by choosing black and white colors placed close together. 

Multifunctional side yard


Make the side yard a multi-functional area. In addition to walking access, you can make it an open shower, after you swim in the backyard pool, just do a quick shower there. Choose a unique patterned tile to make the side yard even more charming. 

That's all for 7 Beautiful Narrow Side Yard Ideas to Inspire You. Hopefully, you get inspired from these picture and ideas. We wish you'll be easier in making a dreamy side yard comes true. Don't forget to share with your relatives!

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