7 Best String Succulent That Hang


 Helloshabby.com -- If you are someone who likes hanging plants, this type of hanging succulent you can take home. This type of hanging ornamental plant is still a favorite of many people to be used as decoration. Succulents believed it could provide luck to owner.

Interested in maintaining succulents? Lets first look at the 7 best string succulent that hang below you can bring home!


1. String of pearls


String of pearl plants have a unique shape, no wonder many like it. The treatment is low, flush 1 to 2 times a week. If the plants are indoors, you can place them neat the window.

2. String of heart


String of heart includes plants are low maintenance. It has a leaf shape resembling the shape of a heart, although small but strong. You can put it as a sweetener corner of your space.

3. String of turtle


String of turtles includes mini succulent plants that have beautiful leaves. As the name implies, the leaves of this plant are patterned to resemble a beautiful turtle shell. It is often as a decoration of houses and apartments.

4. String of Nickels

Another type of hanging succulent plant that can decorate the house is the string of nickles. This plant is a hanging plant that has slow growth, but after that will be dense. This plant can live well indoors.

5.  Donkey's tail


Donkey's tail becomes one type of hanging plant that is often used to decorate the house because of its beautiful shape. Avoid putting this plant in direct sunlight, as it will wither and die.

6. String of bananas


String of bananas is suitable as a hanging plant because of its elongated shape. The leaves are shape like green bananas in mini shape. The treatment is also easy for beginners.

7. String of buttons


The last hanging succulent plant originated in South Africa. It has a beautiful leaf shape with shades of green and red on the edges. The look is unique and amazing, suitable for decoration for a more beautiful home. Water the plant when the soil begins to dry out.

That's review of 7 best string succulent that hang that you can plant at home. From the plant above, which is your favorite?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     : Various Source

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