7 Stylish Living Room Ideas to Copy Now

Helloshabby.com -- The living room is a momentous room. It's a place where you receive a guest, a place to watch your favorite TV shows, and a place to relax while reading your favorite book. So, the living room must have an attractive look and make you feel comfortable enough. 

If you're getting tired with the look of your living room that hasn't changed throughout the year, try making some changes. You can see 7 Stylish Living Room Ideas to Copy Now. These ideas are guaranteed to make your living room feel and look so new and stylish. 

A soothing living room: using warm and light colors


Create a relaxing living room with the right choice of furniture colors and decorations. Try light and natural colors, such as beige on the sofa, gray on the stool, and white walls.

You can also choose wooden furniture, such as vinyl floors, a coffee table and aesthetic rattan cabinets. The combination of light colors and natural brown colors present a living room that feel so calm and soothing. 

Give small things that make a big impact


Add some decorations to make your living room stand out more. You can put decorations in the form of green plants that are placed in empty corners. The green leaves look so strikingly beautiful in this white living room. It won't make the living room look so monotonous. 

The green sofa and orange rug are so stylish


The composition of color affects the aesthetic level of the living room design. Choose a color combination that doesn't look weird when put together. Green and orange look nicely placed close together. As the living room above. The green sofa and orange rug, it will remind you of a fresh orange fruit. 

A large sofa for a more fun gathering space


If the living room is a casual base camp for you and your friends, choose a sofa design that supports it. You can choose an L-shaped sectional sofa model like this one. This sofa allows you to have more sitting space. Beautify the sofa by placing soft sofa throws and sofa cushions in a vibrant pattern. And you'll have a stylish living room.

Plant arrangement that make it more stylish


You can specially design your living room as plant base camp. Just put your indoor plants in any space that you think looks good there. As long as the plant arrangements doesn't interfere with walking access and movement in the living room. Simply, you can try to adapt this living room design in your home. 

A small but dramatic living room design


This living room, indeed small and minimalist. But, the right arrangement makes it look special. The cowboy cactus in the corner of the room gives a firm and clear statement. The light from the chandelier glows on the green wall, adding a dramatic effect that is dynamic and look so unique. 

Yellow accents for happy-bright living room


Feel free to add bright colors to your living room. Bright colors will give freshness and a more positive vibe to the space. You can add a yellow accent to the living room in white and natural brown combination. A yellow sofa make the living room more colorful, and far from being gloomy and depressing. 

That's all for 7 Stylish Living Room Ideas to Copy Now. Hopefully, you get inspired by reading the full article.  We wish you will be easier in making your dream living room come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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