7 Best Types of Snake Plant Varieties to Grow Indoors


Helloshabby.com -- There are about 70 different species of Snake plant. Sansevieria became one of the most popular plants this year. This plant has low maintenance, even in low-light environmental conditions. So, Snake plant are often used as a favorite indoor plant decoration.

They can also produce oxygen and absorb toxins indoors. Here are 7 best types of snake plant varieties to grow indoors that you can take home.


 1. Sansevieria Laurentii

Sansevieria laurentii becomes one type of Snake plant that has many enthusiasts for room decoration. They have a distinctive yellow color on the outer edges of beautiful and stunning leaves. For an aesthetic look, you can place it on  a charming wooden table.

2. Sansevieria Futura Robusta


This type of Snake plant has a stunning gradation of colors from gray to dark green. They can grow up to 60 cm. their small size is suitable for you to make as a decoration of the living room table or other rooms.

3.  Sanseveria zeilanica


Sanseveria zeylanica has a leaf shape shaped like a sword with a pointed tip. For the appearance of, the leaves are dark green with horizontal lines with a stunning gray combination. You can plant in a simple gray pot for a more modern room look.

4. Sansevieria whale fin

 Sansevieria whale fin or Sansevieria masoniana has a leaf shape similar to whale fins. The leaves can grow up to 3 feet tall. The long shape is suitable for you to place in the corner of the room.

5. Sansevieria silver flame

It ha a different leaf look that the previous snake plant. The combination of the two colors displays the impression of an elegant plant. Characteristic of this snake plant has a silver pattern at the edge of the leaves are beautiful.

6. Sansevieria Black dragon

Sansevieria black dragon originated in Africa. This type snake plant has a high tolerance to low light. It will be ready to make your look cooler and more beautiful. The leaves are an elegant dark green.

7. Sansevieria moonshine

The last type of Snake plant has a different look other types. Almost all the leaves are bright green. They have a small size, suitable for decorating the corner of the bedroom, and living room.
These are the 7 best types of snake plant varieties to grow indoors that can inspire you. From the type above, what is your favorite plant?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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