7 Easy To Grow Indoor Succulent


 Helloshabby.com -- The beauty of Succulent can make your room look more charming. Succulents also became popular crops in pandemic times, they also had low maintenance. This plant can also grow well in the room.

Many people think Succulents are cacti, even though Succulents are plants that can absorb and a store water in its stems.

If you are interested in planting Succulents at home, here are 7 easy to grow indoor succulents that can inspire you !

1. Burros's tail


This plant is called Burro's tail because it has a tail-like shape. This plant is also easy to maintain,  makes this plant popular among plant lovers. Succulent you can also hang to beautify the appearance of the room.

2. Lithops


Lithop includes succulent plants that are widely in collection to beautify the interior. Interested in owning this plant? Lithop will need sunlight, do not water it too much because it will make this plant die.

3. Sting of bananas


String of bananas originated in South Africa, this plant is unique because it has a leaf  shape resembling a banana. String of bananas grow hanging that can decorate the corner of your room. The treatment is also easy, recommended for your beginners.

4. Christmas cactus


Cacti have many varieties, all of which have beautiful shapes. Christmas cactus is the next indoor plant that can decorate the room. Plants can grow well in dry soil. Although not yet flowering, this plant still looks beautiful.

5. Zebra plant


The next plant is a zebra plant that has a zebra-like pattern. The color of the leaves is white stripes that look beautiful with a pointed shape at the end. Zebra plant you can put as a decorations sweetener living room table.

6. String of pearls


It has a unique and beautiful shape so that this Succulent is much liked. String of pearls have low maintenance. You can water it 1 to 2 times a week. Place this plant to be exposed to enough sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight.

7. Snake plants


Snake plant in addition to beautiful has many benefits has many benefits. This plant can improve the air quality in the room and and absorb toxins. This plant also doesn't have to be cared for all the time. Because they were able to survive in low light and little water.

That's 7 easy to grow indoor succulent that you can bring home. From the plant example above, which is your favorite?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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