7 Genius Garden Plants Shelf


Helloshabby.com -- The presence of plants in the house is good for health and can purify the surrounding air. The house will feel refreshing and amazing. But, what if you have limited land space? No need to worry, with garden plant shelf ideas, even small garden designs will look more functional.

With the means of plant shelves, can make a small garden look more neat and organized. Here are 7 genius garden plant shelf  ideas that can inspire you!

1. Garden plant shelf with shape A

The first plant shelf model has a unique shape, such as the letter  A. Its size is large, so it can fit for many plant pots. Garden plant shelf with shape A are suitable for you to place in the front garden.

2. Garden plant shelf with shape A


Inspiration of the second plant shelf is suitable for your hobby of collecting indoor plants. This plant rack has an open cabinet shape. You can put plants in it. That way, the plant shelves will help maximize storage capacity.

3. Minimalist standing pot


Having a slim shape, this plant shelf model is suitable for those of you who have a small house size. The shape of this standing pot is upright upwards, and you can move it easily anywhere.

4. Garden plants shelf shaped bicycle


Inspiration model plant bike model is suitable for those of you who lie a unique design and different from others. You can use wooden shelves attached to the wall, it is easy for you to try to apply at home.

5. Wood garden plants shelf


Having a small garden is not a problem for you. To give a more natural impression, you can use wood materials. This garden plants shelf model is made with three levels, so it can accommodate many plants.

6. Plant shelves on the wall


A small garden you can make more stunning by using plant shelves attached to the wall. The combination of metal and wood materials makes the plant shelves more elegant and sturdy. You can use it for a small house.

7. Simple-shaped plants shelf


Make your minimalist garden design look neater and organized by using high-shaped plant shelves. Using the main metal material with black shades looks more elegant. The function of plant shelves also helps maximize the available space.

These are the seven genius garden plants shelf that can inspire you. Have you chosen your favorite model?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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